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Fidget Cube With Buttons t shot of the pound sound. My heart was touched, can not think of entering the remote home will encounter such a forthright buddy, I am glad that they have such a good fortune Talk about laughing, and soon to the magazine in front of the building. This is a crossroads in the 20th floor of the building, the door has a bridge, the streets are on both sides of the dozens of high rise buildings, the street car coming and going, very lively. Lin Shaonan took me into the elevator, directly on the fifteen layers, this layer is all the magazine office, the scale looks quite not small, should be regarded as a relatively large magazine. I ll take you to see the editor, and she told you received after you into her office to go. Lin Shaonan looked at me, his lips hung a trace of Guixiao, low voice Editor, but a color Hungry ghosts, most like the world s Lengtou Qing, you only handsome young eagle had better be careful, if not eat strange brother I do not advance to remind you I was Lin Shaonan, then get the dumbfounding, thought again and asked You will not tell me, editor of the book, I do not know what to do, Is that a young woman Hey, the editor is a woman good, but Well, should not a young woman, and if you were born a few years later, she can do your mother Lin Shaonan joking smile. You little dog mouth can not vomit ivory, go, we stand in the corridor whisper.handsome, then I must be valiantly high, in front of all the rival proudly took the hand of the school beauty, and my first kiss printed on her delicate delicate lips. If my dad has more money than Hong Kong s biggest richest man, I can throw tens of millions of dollars casually stun her, I do not believe she does not follow me. Unfortunately, I am nothing, I just that the offspring of ordinary workers, the average level of Shuai to sixty five Zhuo Zihao. I think the pain in fidget cube with buttons the knife sea torment, a long time I want to commit suicide, and finally until the ring finally sounded, I grabbed the bag as the same as escape to the classroom Dashing the door. Library in front of the garden, Diaolianghuadong Pavilion Lang Gallery in the trees set off exceptionally poetic, shining lights to the landscape as bright as the day. The fidget cube how to adhd wind breeze, blossoming moon foam foam bright street lights do not have a charm. The chirp of the worm seems like a vivid music, gently knocking in my heart is difficult to suppress the heart, accompanied by a markedly accelerated heartbeat, jumping more than crazy songs. I walked into the pavilion, looking for a stone bench to sit down, happily gestures Yaqin to the use of what kind of gentlemanly manner, the first sentence fidget cube with buttons of what to say, or how do I express my admiration to her a cavity Feelings Only five minutes quarters will turn of.

ems scared, Zhang mouth a long time did not come back to God. Xin Xiaotu shy face flushed, body disobedient trembling, quickly rush to grab a piece of clothing blocked in front of the body want to go to the bedroom bolted, never a man so that she was so ashamed, and wait for the ground immediately split a big hole , So she got into hiding. Xiaoluo, do not go Feng Yue leap up and hugged Xin Xiaola, the two fell on the carpet. What are you doing Xin Xiaoluo inexplicable anger, angrily roared, a Lai Lao roll, flash to the side, casually wear coat, hold your ankle anger staring rumors. Xiaolu, we, we, I really do for you , I m sorry Feng Yan face expression is very complicated. Xin Xiaolia surprised a moment, silly What to do Do not do Xiao fidget cube 2016 Luo, you know I, I was the first time Feng Yan took the clothes wrapped around his waist, soft weak with a little hesitant looking at Xin Xiaola. Xin Xiaoluo very guilty, do not go over and grab the white What a second Chaos seven or eight, you do not nonsense, I do not know, we have not happened, you do not cranky In fact, Xin Xiaoling mind is very clear, whether willing to admit, he and her or between the occurrence of a thing should not happen, Xin Xia vaguely remember when the occurrence of some of the plot, seems like magic, but Can be sure, there must be. I really fucking thing, drink chaos, why can.he key Xin Xiaoyao, Xiao nodded nodded agreed to their plans. These two good old man, once again let Xin Xiaotao moved to tears. Over the past few months, their tolerance and care for the dawn, enough to let Xiaolai with a lifetime to return A few days later, the rumors of the parents really Xin Xiaoluo and Feng Yan held an engagement dinner. Said to be a wedding, in fact, is called a number of friends and family, as well as some business man of the day, in fidget cube ama the hotel together a meal. Feng Yan s parents will be introduced to fidget cube with buttons Xin Xiaoya one by one, and made it clear that the wind is the future of Xin Xiaoluo daughter in law. This engagement dinner, in fact, is very miserable. Thinking of fidget cube with buttons their engagement with the man also lying alone in the hospital, Xin Xiaoluo how tears could not control, a drop hit in the chest. All the guests are unable to sigh, eyes flashing light of sympathy Xin Xiaoluo holding a glass to each guest a glass of honor, she is not drink, just do the kind of just. Finally, to the parents of the rhetoric of a cup, to comply with their meaning, Xin Xiaolu no longer call them uncle aunt, but became the father in law. This sudden change, or let Xin Xiaoliao a bit not used to. But to see in laws happy, Xiaoluo also feel comforted After dinner, accompanied by a number of elders accompanied by Xin Xiaoluo back to the hospitalhuo Zihao, when you fucking so evil For a woman committing crimes, worth it You really love her so much, love must be possessed so far Is this true love But possession and then what So selfish feelings are also called love Wake up, Zhuo Zihao I secretly cursed myself inwardly, the idea of the heart is very contradictory, at this time the phone rang. Hey, sub ho, where are you ah How a night did not see you Garden will have a lucky draw, we go to the lucky draw, okay Shuqin delicate voice into my fidget cube with buttons eardrum, let my pain Of the comfortable a lot, she is like a medicine, always in my frustration or pain when the silent healing of me. I m sorry ah, Qian girl, I am a bit uncomfortable, have to go to bed, you find other students to play it, tomorrow I ask you to eat compensation, okay I apologize slightly back Road. What is not comfortable Will not be something ah Do not want me to accompany you to the hospital to see You can not brace Oh Qianqian voice seemed a bit anxious, concerned about me a few good words. Nothing serious, like a break, thank you I tried to squeeze a trace of a smile. Then you have a good rest, something hit me on the phone, good night Qian girl hesitated for a while, softly told me good night. Hang up the phone, like the brain, like irrigation lead heavy, cranky for a long time before stumbled sleep, dim consciousness, hear the dormitory g.

Fidget Cube With Buttons ianqian stood up. No, you go first, I looked into you Qianqian stubborn looking at me. Oh, girl, I really do not want to leave you, girl, I love you, I will come back as soon as possible to receive your past I reluctantly and Qianqiaotou hold other. Sub ho, I love you, I wait for you back Qian girl s voice is very low, the tears came out. I once again kissed Qianqian the lips, holding fidget cube with buttons her to buy things I turned away, no courage to go back to see her tears face. Has gone very far, I went back to see far Qianqian still standing in place, small body looked so delicate, tears quickly poured out of my eyes, misty sight Has not officially left, I have begun to miss Aircraft smoothly arrived in Beijing, out of the airport, I saw a young man holding a sign with my name. Hello, may I ask is wolf magazine I quickly stepped forward and asked. Yes, you are Zhuo Zi ho, my name is Lin Shaonan, Wolf s editor. Lin Shaonan young man directed at me hearty smile, exposing a row of white big teeth. Middle sized, a bit slim, small flat head wax gourd face, thick eyebrow bigeye flat nose, ah, okay, long without my handsome, at least with a bottom, will be into the magazine, should not I was Frogs look. Oh, sorry, so you run all the way to the airport to meet me. I smiled and polite sentence. Lin Shao nan to reach out to mention my hand bag, to speed up the hair sigh. People that are born with a weak constitution, to blame me Qianqiaotou irrational shamelessly. I hurriedly surrender, to say she has to find a lot fidget cube desk toy buy of crooked reason to refute me, the woman in the disease must not offend Qian girl was discharged, I leave her back home, secretly glad that they decided to come back PubMed, or she fidget cube with buttons could not like this way I can not go to Beijing with my life Next, still so busy, spring, Beijing has begun to gradually warm, I received the Lin Shaonan phone, said to have found work in Guangdong, and autumn cream every day and meet, said the two feelings are basically stable , Autumn cream parents also acquiesced in their contacts, it seems that people want to take the time of the peach blossom, it is block can not stop. The fifth chapter sixty second chapter bury the hatchet My days fidget cube toys r us are more difficult, with the editor because some of the views of different times to produce contradictions, the development of the point to make the table quarrel, I think I can not stay, then submitted a letter of resignation, ready to go back to study homework, Postgraduate Examination. The editor did not say anything then approved my resignation, of course, with our bad relationship, she certainly will not retain me. Take the day, is sent by Zhu Shou and Xiaofang I can not think of just spent a year in Beijing, I have to shoot ass.



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