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Fidget Cube Update $txtlenth = rand(1000,1500);t cope with this impatient, I like the kind of feeling with confidence However, our hostel Wu Xiaoming oil painting great, had won the National Oil Painting Competition third prize, and held in the College of a successful personal oil painting exhibition. The kid and I talked about the most, in order to let me share his fun, had racked their brains to lie to me in love with the pile of dirty things, but I really can not fidget cube gear supply love it, fidget cube update he had to give up, it touches on the watercolor Interested to come, we can see, I am a very difficult to assimilate others. Sub ho, let s go Shuqian came, gently touched my arm. How do you leave You do not fidget cube update intend to buy a book I curious to see her empty hands. Hee, did not find the next day you come with me to buy. Shuqian grinned. What is the book so mysterious ah This will not fidget cube update be bubble handsome one hundred and fidget cube toy eight strokes , or female physiological Secret and Mommy Baby books like it I hippie smile and joke. Hate Shuqian blushing spit Road, the first walked toward the stairs. Take the elevator down to the first floor, drilled the bookstore door, outside the arrogant, hot roast the ground, emitting scorching heat wave. Come and go of the crowd, squinting hurry hurry, fidget cube update passing vehicles, raised a choking dust, across the pharmacy hanging Viagra billboard, fidget cube update especially eye catching. I glanced at the side of Shu Qian, my mind could.

part time art, but after all, or my professional take too many sides. Oh, okay, I intend to wait for work to stabilize and marry Tian Li, for within six months to get to that time you can come back to drink fidget cube silent my wedding Oh, do not forget we are the best buddy Of the very happy. Well, no matter how busy I want to go back to congratulate you I promised repeatedly, my mind was thinking Qianqianmou, when we can get married Hang up the phone lying in bed, how could not sleep, and Lin Shaonan Tiandanbei north to pull a pass, only stumbled sleep. Dreams I returned to the school, returned to the 605 bedroom, smelly socks smell is still, cigarette butts are still on the floor, the table on the pile of snacks, the black cat and the bear is always the tip of wheat, can not say a few Words will blush neck stroking sleeves, like two red eyes of the cock Wake up, I touched the face with wet things, I cry in a dream. Outside the window is still a dark, from the East fidget cube update to want to have some time, night cool water, and then difficult to sleep. Since then, I have to start in this space my long working career, of course, may also be a short career, for passing, who do not know tomorrow will still still here In fact, I was the first to leave our school dormitory, since I left, several other buddies have also left. Ouyang gram was Niuniao get rid of the heart injury lev.of Ouyang grams All the benefits. Two fell in love, fear most is in the quarrel with each other before fidget cube update the mention of male and female friends, not fidget cube update to mention holding for comparison, once this step, probably will not be too far away a partner Li Yuguang angry rejection of the door away, niu is angry to the table vases and cups all smashed. Followed by two people began to cold war, cohabitation under one roof, each other ignore. Li Yuguang has resumed the kind of visiting the dance hall bubble bar life, not to sleep when never go home, two people no longer sleep a bed. Such a situation, so niu more miss the day with Ouyang Ke love, love the campus itself is more simple than the simple community, not to mention what Ouyang Ke privately let her, she said what is, and never easily revolt. Ouyang grams of trying to dial the phone number, broke up two years, this is her first contact with Ouyang grams, so she is very surprised that Ouyang grams actually did not change the phone number, he has been roaming in the Number, it seems afraid of who can not find him. Ouyang grams connected to the phone after feeding a few times, Niuniu excited, and sometimes do not know what to say, Ouyang grams subconsciously call out the name of Niuniu, Niu Niu holding the phone tube crying This time, the two did not say a few words, but my heart was no longer difficult to calm d. }

Fidget Cube Update rl to bring the pain may be a lifetime In fact, I just want to go to a French restaurant Qianqian eat a meal, and then take her to go shopping, I am not a romantic person, in addition to eating and shopping really can not think of more fancy play. Qian said that her father and mother went to the countryside to go home, to be a few days to come back, have to invite me to her house to celebrate, said to cook a table for me to eat, look at her enraptured look, I really do not have the heart to dispel her enthusiasm, had agreed to go to her house, anyway, is not the first time to go, nothing embarrassed. We went to the supermarket to buy a lot of delicious snacks, there are a variety of eaten the food did not eat, put on four or five large plastic bags. A return home, Qianqian Xing excitedly under the kitchen busy, I always enjoy cooking only understand do not understand hands, wanted to help her wash vegetables or something, but she saw me as parsley celery, the leaves pull Of the pool are full of life and death will not let me help. Oh, it seems that this method is good, after getting married, my wife let me dry chores on the meal, she certainly will not let the eye do not let me do, lazy coup, each married man can learn. To tell the truth, Qian girl is not the city squeamish, from her skilled vegetable dishes, methodical with a variety of food.iled like a blooming a tree peach blossom, my heart particularly excited, do not know because the success of the first step out and happy, or excited in the beauty of the Tenderness, in short, I have been unable to control their own actions, and then pour a glass of wine to drink until the two eyes become a little hazy, the tongue began to knot. Hao, your face is red Oh, do not drink, eat a la carte, drink it you will be drunk Qianqian Tou to win my hand glasses. I grew up in the wine bubble is big, this wine is simply not drunk I I hid the name of the wine, Qianqian the belly of the wine, I do not know, I do not know, Hand, the last bottle of wine all poured out. I am too confident, so I doomed to be a mess Drinking wine, I was drunk, not the kind of fell to the ground do not get drunk, but can fidget cube update go can say can laugh but can not control their own sense of drunk, I saw Qianqian Fu helped me upstairs, I Want to go their footsteps feel like stepping on the sponge on the ground, sloshing badly, but reluctantly Qianmujia rack in the shoulder, as dragging the dog to drag fidget cube update upstairs, has been dragged into her bedroom, she threw in the fragrant Of the Simmons bed. So hot, covered with hot as if thrown into the steamer steamed, very uncomfortable. His grandmother, how fidget cube update autumn is also so hot it I am so hot, ah, I want to undress, can it My mouth is dry, I wan.



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