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Fidget Cube Uae amous Gang of Two it Old door selling candied fruit old mother knows Zhouxuyu laugh, and meaningful glanced at me Sub ho, Shu Qian is really your wife You kid kind, while soaking school blossom, while Shuqian engage in underground conditions. Xiaoyu, you do not listen to small nonsense nonsense, Qian Qian and I, but clean and white sibling relationship I slightly embarrassed denied. Brother and sister, one is the adulterous prostitute s words, the most shameless underworld fake decent, I Pei Pei Pooh Ouyang grams contemptuously said, sitting in front of his computer to play the game. I am too lazy to care about him, grabbed the bed of martial arts looks. Zhou Xianyu and Yang Ronglan half lying in bed that whisper, muttering dialect, do not understand what to say. After dark, Zhouxian Yu to the train station, and his party in the school outside the four small restaurants just eat a little dinner, then rushed to the train station. Bustling flow of people, are home students and working families of the Chinese New Year, one face filled with excitement about to be home. My heart filled with a trace of sadness, my thoughts had already flew back home Staying on campus almost no one, bored Lai on the balcony, and occasionally see someone drifting from the avenue, except for the silence is dead. fidget cube uae We have this building in addition to me and Ouyang grams, a.the delivery room, Boom opened, the nurse s clear voice than any song are pleasant Congratulations, you gave birth to a pair of twins, mother and child peace I shocked the whole person, a full stunned for several seconds, just like a mad man, like jumping and laughing, enjoy venting the excitement and joy of the heart at this time, Qian girl was introduced to the doctor, messy hair has been Was sweat soaked, pale face Zhaoxiang victory smile toward me, like a pool of white Lotus suddenly open, the United States let me Xinchan. Thank you, girl I rushed to hold tight Qianqian hand, any tears in her hand on the back, like the water towards the happiness of non stop coming to us This book is finished Chapter VI of the sixty fifth chapter of the future and love The sixth volume, mainly about big bear after the release of the story, and Ouyang grams and niu between love and hate, be campus cohabitation outside the article Who would have thought that the performance of the usual disdain of the woman Ouyang grams actually is a specific kind of love, graduation has been two years, has always been unable to forget his first love lover Niuniu Ouyang grams father and mother aspire to an early grandchildren, asked to know the Sangu six women everywhere to introduce him to the object, but he was a blow with one, every time trying to conceal the scene.

cher, I am a student Chapter VI of the sixty fourth chapter in a hurry Trees flowers, sky blue water, the park people coming and going, very lively. Wide artificial lake is next to a large green grass, a few 89 year old children are cheering Kite flying, crisp laughter vivid throughout the spring of March, also infected with the crossing of the visitors, from time to time someone stopped fidget cube uae to watch, his face filled with With a warm smile. Hao, fidget cube uae if we did not remove the child, but also have them so big, alas, the time off really fast, unconsciously passed so many years, think like a dream Qian The girl s hand stroking the high belly of the high fidget cube toy christmas gift uplift, the other hand holding my arm, watching the group of children with a kite said with emotion. Girl, all the past eight years, you can not forget him We are not already have a child of the Well, do not think about it I love and looked at the Qianqian Tummy s stomach, where we are about to be born hidden child. How will forget it That is our first child na, I have been regret why he did not give birth to him, or are now in primary school, I think he fidget cube uae must be a boy, must be as long as you handsome, Perhaps better than you do Qian white girl at a glance, long said to open. I can not help but Puchi smile, teasing I said girl ah, did not because I am a handsome step on the confused, only then you fidget cube wiki deeply fasci.ike Xiao Yaqin Shuqian naturally do not know these complex thoughts, mouth twitter said non stop, looked very happy, really envy her optimist personality. Who together with her, will feel happy Last time on the hospital dressing is Shu Qian accompany me to go. The nurse for a short, chubby face acne dinosaurs, a pair of fertilizer hand put my gauze torn a few, it seems that the punishment I did not carefully appreciate her Yurong, not at all Previously that beauty nurse so gentle, alas, as early as just know how to take a few ass, but fortunately I did not just scar the wound and then pull the bleeding, but still pain I could not help but frown a bit brow. Qian Hao is also very painful staring at my arm, let my heart gush a trace of sweet feeling, to enjoy the beauty of the beauty of the skin, Of concern is really a very happy thing. No pain, huh, huh, and other scar block out is a perfect good arm I shook his hand air. Just knot scarf, be careful, and then have to rub on the drug broke Miss Nurse said the sentence is not cold nor hot, as if my last life by her rice also her bran. That is, you do not tamper with, and then hurt I can not accompany you to Qian girl quickly grabbed my hand, for fear that I swift to shake the wound on the hand like Akira. Oh, rest assured, how can I have so squeamish Move a move will rub rub the wound, you think I Feng Yan sat down from one or two meters away from the place, but also a glass of beer, big mouth and mouth drinking, his face gloomy. Xin Xiaoluo one hand propped cheek, a hand to play with a glass, silently thinking of thoughts, while a rumor, while the fidget cube uae child, confused. Suddenly, there are only a large hand to take the Xinxiao down the shoulders, scared Xiaoshao hand flick, the glass pop hit the table. Surprised turned around and saw a flower shirt, full of red hair, fingers ring full of gold ring on the young man, is standing behind Xin Xiaoxia smile. What do you want Xin Xiaoluo a little angry, fiercely stare at each other. Men, jumping a dance Man still laughing, palms along Xin Xiaowang slippery shoulders to chest breast place. Xin Xiaolu angry, too late to think about, grabbed the beer in will buy fidget cube front of a brain toward the man s face splashed, spilled a positive. Next to the sound of a joking laughter. Shit bitch, you do not life, and dare to fidget cube uae take the wine splash I I do you Shuaishuaitou men, shaking off the face of wine, leather pants pocket to work out a dagger suddenly toward Xin Xia thorn go with. Xin Xiaola frightened, looking at the white shaking the knife even forgot to dodge, in the tip of the fast thorn on the Xin Xiaoxiong when the chest, a shadow in the Xiaoluo front, with screams everywhere, Xin Xiaola See the red blood splashed out

Fidget Cube Uae that he could soon see their children, and two children. Xin Xiaobian said, tears, crystal tears could not play in the face of the rumor. Suddenly, Xin Xiaobao overawed, the windy side of the face inexplicable more than a tear, is slowly down the cheek down. Is the wind their tears, gossip tears, my God, a full nine months fidget cube where to purchase and fifteen days, the wind finally made a response, he knew the tears. Xin Xiaolu hold their breath, staring at the windy face, slowly, to see the words of the eyelashes in action, it seems that over a long hundred years, his eyes slowly opened, is at a fidget cube uae loss looking at Tears streaming down Xin Xiaola Feng Yan, Feng Yan, you, you finally woke up Xin Xiaola mixed feelings, kneeling in front of the bed, holding the body of the wind howling crying, and raising his hand by ringing the call for help on the wall, a group of doctors quickly rushed in. Perhaps the sleeping time is too long, the wind will be a good sense of recovery for a while, a little silly looking at the front of the belly of the lover. Xiaolu, you, you are Xiaoluo, we, this is where Rhetoric flickering lips, fidget cube uae issued a slight voice, expression is a bit of surprise and excitement. Xin Xiaoluo waiting for the answer, the doctor pushed her aside, start next to the instrument to the wind Yan check. Congratulations, the patient has been completely out of danger, and then live a l.huo Zihao, when you fucking so evil For a woman committing crimes, worth it You really love her so much, love must be possessed so far Is this true love But possession and then what So selfish feelings are also called love Wake up, Zhuo Zihao I secretly cursed myself inwardly, the idea of the heart is very contradictory, at this time the phone rang. Hey, sub ho, where are you ah How a night did not see you Garden will have a lucky draw, we go to the lucky draw, okay Shuqin delicate voice into my eardrum, let my pain Of the comfortable a lot, she is like a medicine, always in my frustration or pain when the silent healing of me. I m sorry ah, Qian girl, I am a bit uncomfortable, have to go to bed, you find other students to play it, tomorrow I ask you to eat compensation, okay I apologize slightly back Road. What is not comfortable Will not be something ah Do not want me to accompany you to the hospital to see You can not brace Oh Qianqian voice seemed a bit anxious, concerned about me a few good words. Nothing serious, like a break, thank you I tried to squeeze a trace of a smile. Then you have a good rest, something hit me on the phone, good night Qian girl hesitated for a while, softly told me good night. Hang up the phone, like the brain, like irrigation lead heavy, cranky for a long time before stumbled sleep, dim consciousness, hear the dormitory g.



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