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Fidget Cube Trademark he key Xin Xiaoyao, Xiao nodded nodded agreed to their plans. These two good old man, once again let Xin Xiaotao moved to tears. Over the past few months, their tolerance and care for the dawn, enough to let Xiaolai with a lifetime to return A few days later, the rumors of the parents really Xin Xiaoluo and Feng Yan held an engagement dinner. Said fidget cube trademark to fidget cube trademark be a wedding, in fact, is called a number of friends and family, as well as some business man of the day, in the hotel together a meal. Feng Yan s parents will be introduced to Xin Xiaoya one by one, and made it clear that the wind is the future of Xin Xiaoluo daughter in law. This engagement dinner, in fact, is very miserable. Thinking of their engagement with the man also lying alone in the hospital, Xin Xiaoluo how tears could not control, a drop hit in the chest. All the guests are unable to sigh, eyes flashing light of sympathy Xin Xiaoluo holding a glass to each guest a glass of honor, she is not drink, just fidget cube stock do the kind of just. Finally, to fidget cube on ebay the parents of the rhetoric of a cup, to comply with their meaning, Xin Xiaolu no longer call them uncle aunt, but became the father in law. This sudden change, or let Xin Xiaoliao a bit not used to. But to see in laws happy, Xiaoluo also feel comforted After dinner, accompanied by a number of elders accompanied by Xin Xiaoluo back to the hospitalI stared at the phone snickered for a while, went to Ms. boutiques, bought a butterfly shape of the blue crystal hairpin, to help me with a salesman wrapped in wrapping paper, dial the Qianqian of the phone. The first pass, actually do not take. The second time, or not. Did not give up, and dialed the third time, and finally pick up, Qianqian very impatient voice, and who seems to be angry, but still reveals a soft Jiao Chen, You Who People are tired of it, do not quarrel Qian girl, you a little girl film, what annoying ah Impossible what mind Said out to his brother to listen to, brother to give you Ariadne I laugh jokes. Ah, sub ho, is you Quickly said, this time you run where to go SUDDEN DEATH I can not find you everywhere, ask your dormitory people say do not know where you go, I thought you What happened, fidget cube clone quickly tell me, now what in the place Qianqianzhuanzhu like that a lot. I am in the street to play, you want to go out with you I asked you to eat good things I hippie smile back, was very moved, did not think she was so nervous I found myself very much like to enjoy this Kind of care. Well, I ll go out, where are you Qianqian Teng almost can not wait for the promise. I said his own location, hung up the phone, but twenty minutes, Qianqian Fu will face anxious in front of me, the face of red Pu Park, loud breathing heavily. To really fast enoug.

call. Xin Xiaoya again briefly about the situation, turn the hospital address told him. Fengyan s father said that immediately take the plane over, care of the first down to take care of the wind. Xin Xiaolao again tears like rain Two hours later, the rumors of the parents with a few seemingly bodyguards of men in the hospital, the wind still has not come out from the operating room. Xin Xiaolao just a wooden call to say hello to them, they tiredly leaned against the chair no longer silent. The mother of the wind has been softly sobbing, his eyes red and swollen, petite body trembling, has long lost the fidget cube interview original elegance. See Xin Xiaolia heart pains, if not their own, how could this mother to the point of grief Yes, I hurt them Fengyan, you said yes, I really really good to regret it Chapter 16 Depression and Temptation A long eight hour past, the rumor was finally launched the operating room. Xin Xiaolu stood up, fidget cube trademark stiff, even move to move past him, do not know if he is still alive Doctor, my son, he, how The father of the wind is very calm, that strong fatherly love he was deeply hidden in the heart. The screaming mother screamed rushed to see the wearing of the atmosphere cover unconscious rumor, crying, crumbling. Next to a few bodyguards running around in her. The situation is not so wonderful, that a knife stab deep, hurt the internal organs. The s.ove more and more rich, in laws on the down like their pro girl love, the family had a very happy. Suffered torture Xin Xiaoyu, finally found his own happiness. Feng Yan s body is completely well maintained, and smug to take over the father s company, Xin Xiao completed his most proud assistant Feng Yan and Xiaoluo with two angelic lovely child back to Xiaolu s home, accident to see the ho. Hao fidget cube trademark since two years ago and rich woman divorced, from France back to the home of dawn opened a company, and now he can be considered a career has become, and rich woman s marriage really changed his poverty, to achieve the earn The purpose of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, the fame of the ho and did not feel the slightest happiness, he thought Xin Xiaoya will wait for him, will be his life companions, but unfortunately he ignored that, in this world, no one will always stand in the original And other people, and sometimes, a fault means always miss, do not know how to cherish the people, only to swallow their own bitter fruit of the brewing In the coming and going of the street, smiling Xiaoxiaoya holding her husband, the face of life and death have been promised the first love lover, not even a shred of strange, from her calm face, Yun full of happiness eyes, Hao To see that he has always been abandoned by the world abandoned, and he finally tasted what is.he courage, brave lift eyes looked at my eyes. Really just when the sister I Qianqian whether there is any other feelings Whenever I think of school beauty and heartache, always involuntarily think Qianqian of tender, I stubborn let school flower fidget cube trademark in my heart draw a road wound, but greedy with fidget cube trademark qian girl to cure. If I have Qianqian addition to friendship than love, that school tweed Can I love two girls at the same time No, fidget cube trademark it must not be the case, how could I love two people at the same time I love just school beauty, although I may never be able to get her, but I still love fidget cube trademark her. As Qianqian, it must be a spiritual attachment and comfort it, because only she fidget cube silent will be wholehearted to me, and only she will be unreservedly dedicated to her warmth to me, this affirmative and Love is not the same, but why sometimes I still will her heart Why is the desire for her more intense than the school beauty. I really do not know the problem, if only just friendship, why I would be so concerned about Qianqian Tou That night, if the girl replaced by Qian Qian Bear they molested, I think I will rush to beat them halo, and certainly not as silly as an idiot in the side. This will be the power of love, or my brother s desire to protect the sister I can not figure out these complex issues, I do not know how to answer Qianqian Tou, so I chose silence Qianmou see me for a lon.

Fidget Cube Trademark sacrifice to marry me, is not it , Why should I marry you, Why should I accept your save, what am I You do not have any relationship Xin Xiaokuokouzuoyan, pique like roar, then burst into tears. Xiaoluo, do not you really do not know I like the feeling with you, I really feel very happy to get along with you Wind calm down, faint sigh. Love is not love, nor is it possible to marry my reasons, please do not give me this boring request, and I will not agree Xin Xiaola readily wipe a tear, never into their own The bedroom Chapter 8 Depravity and Seduction Xin Xiaolu began to go home with grotesque men. Carrying a man s hand, cling to make intimate look through the living room, into his bedroom. Corner of the peripheral light, see the wind on the sofa, with angry eyes staring at her, like a sword piercing Xin Xiaoluo the heart, with pain feeling Who is that How so fierce it Is your husband right Occasionally, there are male partner to see the wind gaffe look, curious questions. Oh, no, my co owner only. Xin Xiaolu efforts to light up tone, a faint smile replied. fidget cube trademark Feng Yan blushing, fiercely stare at the Xin Xiaolao one, got up and went to the bedroom. Heavy closed the sound, the ears of the earthquake roar, but also shattered Xin Xiaoluo heart. What am I doing In fact, as early as the words moved in a month later, Xin Xiaoli no longer and other men go t.tween Niu Niu all the boredom are thrown into the clouds outside the Jiu Xiao, is that clear and bright wash to the inner frenzy. Beautiful Lijiang River, green trees set off, the beautiful Miaojia woman insisted on the bamboo slowly across the river, crisp mountain song rushed into the clouds night, drunk a river of green water, provoke Niuniu could not help but open the voice, loud Cousin up. Two couples as if the weight of the first love time, in the blue sky and white clouds, enjoy talking with a deep love The man called Xiao Qiushui, seems far away to Niuniu s thoughts go, the soul as pure as before Long time no Internet, and niu seems to have indifferent to the network. Ouyang grams at this time not only to run their own companies, but also help the old father to take care of the company, more and more busy, almost no time to stay at home, home to him, just a middle of the night to come back to sleep. Volume VII of the seventy third eager to derail Weekend, Ouyang grams to his father s investment in a project to travel to other provinces, and his son Xiao Bao also his grandparents there, is a niu keep watching TV at home, I feel very boring, so open the computer login mailbox to see there No mail, a go, more than 100 new mail full of mailboxes, all made by Xiao Qiushui. All the memories like the flood of water, all of a sudden in my heart



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