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Fidget Cube Toy Dynasty usiness. Of course, one of the hardships and hard work is not the average person can imagine, everything is difficult at the beginning, everyone start at the beginning, there is a bitter tears history, even with his father as a backup, many need to solve their own problems, Ouyang grams deeply burned, but as long as the home to see his wife gradually uplift of the lower abdomen, thinking about the birth of the child, Ouyang Ke feel doubled confidence. October pregnancy, niu gave Ouyang grams of a big fat boy weighing ten pounds, at this time, Ouyang grams of the company s fidget cube desk toy buy business is basically stable down, just need a good business on the line Is a year in the past, Ouyang grams son Xiaobao full one year old, the company s business booming, won good benefits, the child weaned by his grandmother with, niu suddenly idly down, feeling very accustomed to, clamor to fidget cube toy dynasty Go out and do things. Ouyang Keben want her peace of mind at home to do full time wife, see persuasion do not listen, had agreed to her into their own companies, but she did not want to dip her husband s light, bent to learn accounting, do not know how she designed a design Suddenly had an interest in boring accounting. Ouyang grams do not want to reverse her mind, to her near a private school to find a accounting professional tutorial classes, read a year they can get a certificate. Niu after I have never held the hand of the girl, the normal psychological reaction Girl, your hands so cold, how not to wear gloves Careful long frostbite, go, I buy you a pair of gloves I pulled Qianqiaotou turned to the supermarket to go outside. Picked a pair of cartoon prints of pink plush gloves, so she put on try and asked her like it or not. Qianqian wearing gloves, two little hands shook lightly, smiling at me, the eyes of that trace of affectionate light let me resist. Side by side walk in the avenue, I would like to hold Qianqian hand again, but others have been wearing gloves, and seems not appropriate to lead. Qian girl seems to guess my mind like, Minzui smiled, hold my arm. My thoughts a little confusion, feel and Qianqiaotou actually like a couple, but the feeling is not the case Into the botanical garden, Ouyang Ke is still holding the camera Kuangpai kept, that guy seems crazy, do not know how much film waste is prepared. See us go, have to give us take some photos. Shengqing difficult, do not shoot white do not shoot, I smugly put a few since that strange cool action, prompting Qianqian giggle straight smile. Later, they took a number of photo shots, there are three of the two, of course, more is my Qianqian Tou. Ouyang grams of his mother s rare to do a good man, willing to give us so much free photo shoot, it seems to be a dip in the snow.

ry bright, a look is a very cheerful girl, talk a little bit Sticky, as her name reveals the same meaning. I underground passage cousin is definitely like the two girls in one, look at his eyes wrong, but just like who Both are beautiful, each has its advantages, a quiet and lively. Cousin character by character, should be selected poetry, if the election sugar sugar must have his. Specific how, then do not know. If asked him now, certainly not honest and frank, can only listen to follow up development. Two beauty nurses play for a while, leave to go. I deliberately unpredictable eccentric eyes staring at the cousin, he really once again a guilty conscience to escape my eyes, killing me And other cousin finished the value of class, we went back to his home. I did not return to school at night, chatting with cousins to sleep most of the night. The feelings of our two brothers have been very good, although the opportunity to get together is not a lot, but can be said to talk about anything. However, after all, I still can not set out his favorite is sugar or poetry, but let him out of my love of school beauty, he was a good loss of a pass, that school beauty that does not fit me, say nothing In the use of a woman chasing hand is also useless, by his, that I am depressed dead, hum hum head to sleep. A winter vacation soon passed, tomorrow is the date of it, you do not go home, why do not you go home Like the big men doctrine heavy people Oh Yang Rong Lan hearty joke. That fidget cube toy dynasty is, you have to learn to Xiaoyu, all to his wife as the center, his wife is the decree, look, people couple more happy I jokingly touched the first Zhouyu Yu s head. Go, a woman this thing, pedal nose on the face, good for her only their own disadvantage, I do not want to, anxious she kicked me, not a woman can not find a time to find a beautiful ten times more than her Ouyang Ke bitterly said, and my heart seems to be very taste, it is estimated that the quarreling should be and Niu. I was afraid of Ouyang grams nonsense, let Yang Ronglan embarrassed, and quickly shift the topic look to Zhou Xianyu, Xiaoyu, when you train if not the middle of the night, I and small grams to send you. Eight at night, you can rest for a few hours, after dinner over the train station to go. Zhou Xianyu looked at the table, back Road. Do not learn bad things about him Just then, my cell phone rang, took a look, is the number of Qian girl. Sub ho, where are you Oh, do not ah, I am most afraid to see the little girl crying, confused na, I see on the free of it, kindness Xinling Less smug, ghosts cry you, people just casually ask. I m not going to go home for the New Year. Really That you are a person to stay in school Do not come to my house My mom and.oking at her little red nose said girl, we back to the dormitory, the outside is too cold Qian girl nodded fidget cube toy dynasty gently, ineffectively smiled. I took the Qianmou red purple hand, this is my first initiative to lead her, her hand cold and biting, but I still feel a trace of strange thunder quickly spread throughout the body I decided not to go home the fidget cube toy dynasty winter holiday, although my home is not far from the provincial capital of the small town, but I really do not face back to face Mom and Dad, I can cheek to tell them that I took the third year of the penultimate Name From primary school to high school, I have always been a good student with good academic performance, is the pride of Mom and Dad, to the university to only a few semesters, I fall to such a point, what face back face Jiangdong elders Bitter experience, I despise now own, I do not know their own bones have a bad water to become so unbearable, or because they do not care into a hostel with bad talent, the environment was infected only bad. In short, now I am no longer that year to allow parents to appreciate the teacher praised me, though, but I can not tear the last trace of shame, after all, therefore, had to choose to escape I decided to unconsciously lie to their parents, called back to tell mom, said to do something to help mentors, no time to go back to the New Year, and ask them to fo.

Fidget Cube Toy Dynasty ianqian fidget cube toy dynasty head for a long time did not say anything, my heart have mentioned the throat eyes, good for a while before Qianqian bantering laughter Hee hee, stupid, I scare you, how can people so stingy it That is, my family the greatest degree of girl, so in addition to you, I do not like anyone I fidget cube toy dynasty secretly wiped a forehead on the cold sweat. Good slightly, not and you said, I want to help my mother cook Qian fidget cube toy dynasty girl hung up the phone. I looked at the phone, his mouth bursting out of a knowing smile Chapter fifty ninth Lin Shaonan s girlfriend Lin Shaonan finally came out from the bathroom, the air was filled with a strong smell of soap. I said man, you are not the body of the soap did not rinse clean I dipped fidget cube demo the wet Lin Shaonan 1. You have not seen soap ah Lin Shaonan went to the mirror and looked at himself. Too inconvenient, just a smell to know you still have the traces of soap, beauty is very shameful, I advise you to go in and re wash it again I solemnly said. You do not harm me, I have been washing for nearly an hour, and you want me to wash, not to my life Well, and so on, you just say Is beautiful to hear What beauty Lin Shaonan Like what a big shaking secret I found like, mouth rushed to stare in front of me, facing the vertical look at my face to see. Hey, you do not see me okay Is not to pick up a female friends Well, not doing any.ignore you Qian girl tilt mouth. Well, count me afraid of you, meet to meet, but the next week you have to go back with me to meet you meet the future of the adult in law I quickly surrender, by the way also followed by a request. Hee hee, people will certainly go to meet them, and others even sent the gifts are selected Qian girl laughing very proud. Oh, really a virtuous good daughter in law na, can not disclose in advance what to buy a gift Let me refer to the reference Well, I do not know what to give my father in law to buy it I will Qianqian Tu to Arms. Secret, can not tell you in advance, as my parents, you do not have to buy anything, they do not care for your stuff Qian girl sly shook his head. I want to buy some good gifts to please and please them, lest they someday unhappy to marry you to others, I miserable, alas, what to buy I tilted my head for Wrestling. Then you slowly think of it, I wash the quilt to go Qian white one of my eyes, from my arms stood up into the bedroom to take the quilt. I will move back to the computer line of sight, racking their brains trying to gift recipe. Zhuo Zihao, you come in The bedroom came a Qianqian changed the tone. My heart Meng Shen, illegal channels over, Qian girl has never been so named with the roar of me, do not know where to make her angry I bite the bullet and got up and walked into the bedroom.



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