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Fidget Cube Test y change now so hard hearted, this is the former know that every day to cook their own Xin Xiaola it She really so hate yourself Winds speak to the extreme distressed, staggered to open the refrigerator, took out a bottle of wine irrigation to his mouth, and soon drunk down on the floor. Xin Xiaolai only from the pregnancy, it seems particularly lethargy, while asleep, naturally do not know the wind in the living room drinking. Woke up the next day, is noon, according to the sun warm in the window, through the glass, you can see the blue sky and white clouds, a good bright weather Xin Xiaolao wearing pajamas, lazy degrees out of the bedroom, went to the bathroom. The wind is lying on the sofa, his hands pad in the back, a look down, hear the sound of footsteps, suddenly jumped up. I thought you out what happened, hard knock on the door did not respond, scared me. The rumor said fast and fast, fidget cube test his face has a tension. Xin Xiaolu readily swept a bit before the amount of hair, a touch of chuckle I can have something Too tired, sleep a little That s good, eat it, I get you some food. Wind boasted the light together, turned to go to the kitchen. Do not bother, I m not hungry, stay will go out to eat Xin Xiaolu dropped a cold, they went into the bathroom to wash, no longer in control of the froze where speechless. Warm wet face with warm water, staring blankly.t of experience in business, but also know a fidget cube test lot of people fidget cube test in this industry, to take some design draft is not difficult to do. I did not receive an empty dry to throw Qianqian do, her professional performance is our school one of the best, do design better than me. I like life now, there are Qianqianqifu free and comfortable in the side, she is like a happy little wife, careful management of my life, so I can do what they want to do carefree, this life this World, have one she has enough, I just hope that fidget cube test this happiness will always belong to me, do not leave That weekend, Qian girl went home, I am a man sitting in the study to write novels, living room outside to knock on the door. Got up and opened the door a look, standing outside is actually Xiao Yaqin. How could she know that I live here Even our class did not know a few people, her message is well informed, and the door will not come to apologize, right Or come to my confession I stood at the door shocked, and sometimes do not know to greet her, or the behind closed doors. fidget cube test Staring at each other, Xiao Yaqin slightly confused shy smile. Oh, look for me something Please come sit down I finally can not resist her strong lethal smile, her into the house. Usually are Qianqian in charge of fidget cube test home things, I do not intervene, so even the tea on which do not know, turned for a long time to find, to Xia.

with a man back to let them accompany her to drink. Xin Xiaoli hypocritically scoff, deliberately made a very loud clink, sounded very provocative raving, like the heat of the Bobcats moaning. Sitting in the fidget cube test living room of the rumor did not know Xin Xiaoluo just acting, by her performance stimulus was heartache, such as cutting Xin Xiaofeng can read the wind of the heartache, but do not want to stop there, still carrying out her performance. Tired of the drink will be baffling, very reluctant man to drive away Tian Li vaguely know some of the novel and the story of the wind, she advised not to torture themselves tortured others, and this continues no good for anyone, or accept the rumors of a good love it, do not blindly indulge in the past, People must look forward is. Xin Xiaolu said I can not erase the shadow of my heart, they are branded in my heart too deep too deep.I can not overcome the inner inferiority, the thought of their dirty past, I want to vomit. Very sorry for his fall, but I have no way to erase my past.Gengyan is a so pure and kind man, if accept his feelings, I will live as a shame and very depressed very painful Tian Li silent sigh, do not know how to comfort their good sisters. Decided to take a day off with the Xin Xiaoyou a temple into the city, perhaps there may be what the monk to Xiaoya pointing about the maze. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);, are eligible to limit my freedom Xin Xiaoluo anger throw off the wind hand. Fengyan only feel his heart in the blood, but helpless, yes, Xin Xiaolu said that he did not have the right to not have the right to control her Silent out of the ballroom, silently smoked nose smoke smoke home, and Xin Xiaoluo still back in the middle of the night. Xin Xiaoli know that they hurt the ruthless cruel, but also hurt her own. Very often, fidget cube test Xiaoluo are asked in the heart of their own, in the end is right or wrong In the end is to save the wind or harm the wind She really can not distinguish these. Xin Xiaola just want to get rid of the wind as soon as possible to leave this dirty place, leaving her dirty, to belong to his fidget cube test normal life Chapter 10 Accidental Little Life Scenes, such as film like mind in the Xin Xiaoshao one by one flash, the heart began to tighten the pain, pain. Tonight, the rumor again Xin Xiaoluo ruthless stab wounds, and is completely stabbed, and his face expression exposed inner pain, perhaps he will leave their own since the bar, far away. What am fidget cube near me I doing Obviously it is difficult to give up, but it happens to be forced to give up their own. Emptied everything, is to hurt yourself more deeply A string of astringent tears down Xin Xiaoyan s eye socket down Touch the cigarette, empty, the streets gradually quiet, sparse walking some late r.

Fidget Cube Test to hurt the Qian girl, which I can be sure that fidget cube test I even feel that they are in drugs, I do not dare to think about tomorrow, Is so eager to accompany me in Shuqian with me, but I like it is school beauty, I have been the whole fidget cube test confused This weekend there is a party line, Bear has learned folk dance, generous newspaper reported a dance program, Ouyang grams of singing well, naturally, the opportunity to express the performance on stage, so would like to sleep in the dormitory I have to go with the two of them to refuel. The party has a girl named niu, singing is the Guangxi folk songs, pure high pitched voice won the bursts of loud applause, appearance is also good, a black and blue national costumes, tie the two cute pigtail pigtail hanging in the chest Before the black nose of the skin high, very bright smile, a look that is a cheerful girl. Ouyang grams listening to niu song, suddenly scared to Heaven, excited strong applause, his mouth kept saying, sing too good After the party, Ouyang Ke still failed to wake up from the excitement, walking back and forth in the dormitory, his face excited. Small grams, please, do not met a black girl Well, like a lost soul like, although her song does sing well, fidget cube china can not have such a big magic fidget cube test You fucking is not never seen You have to turn to turn me dizzy I am a little funny looking Ouyang grams. I rely on the woman i.rious looking at me. I heard my heart secretly crying, Qianqian, but our top class learning, whether cultural or professional achievements are one of the best, which she was eyeing the next, I have a good life before it To see her care about me so I control, it is really a little bit Jackie Chan s meaning, do Qianqian really fell in love with me Impossible, I have what point worthy of her love Although she is not a school beauty, but the character family background are all on the school of choice, I like this failure, unless her mind will love me water, or she just wants to be a savior, save my friend. This, that, okay I hesitated for a while, eventually agreed to her. Qian girl looked very happy, smiling face sunny, Le Diandian bowl of a small chicken legs to my bowl, said to reward me, so my heart from the layers of waves However, Qian girl is still happy too early, although I went to her self study every night, but more often still lying on the table looking around, to see the beauty staring dead or peek at novels and dozing , But also to enrich the amount to accompany her to study on it This muddy muddy Hubei and Hubei day is a week, until that day lying in the dormitory bed to see martial arts novels, fidget cube test black cat menacing came in, a day soon collapsed. I rely on to rely on, his mother s building is called Zao Wou ki slut, actually in the pur.



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