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Fidget Cube Silent iu Niu went to the stage to show singing, singing two Guangxi folk songs, won the Many people s applause, but also won the Li Yuguang goodwill, took the initiative to ask her to drink, her singing gave a great praise, breaking up when they handed a card to their niu. At that time Niuniu is busy looking for work, candidates did not employ several units, the road is vast, very irritable mood, see Li Yuguang is a large advertising company manager, and his professional dip on the top, and my heart will play A small abacus, take the initiative to call Li Yuguang, said thank you for his drinking, in fact, want to set with the other side, hoping to take the other side of the company to work. Li Yuguang is how cunning man, see Niu Niu contact with their own, knowing that the opportunity to win each other s heart, once again attentive invitation Niuiu dinner, so to the two to go, each pregnant head, and soon on the eye. Niuniu, I like you, do my girlfriend Li Yuguang straight to the request. This, I can let me think about it Niuhao modestly replied. She did not tell Li Yuguang they have a boyfriend, for her, Li Yuguang is the only bridge leading to her ideal job, is in any case can not offend Niuniu back to school, the full thought of the night, although she is really like Ouyang grams, do not want to break up, but can not have both fish and bear s paw, the fami.Girl, this, you listen to me okay I carefully to pull Qian girl s hand. Do not touch me Qian girl screaming Meng s a walk away. Yes, this, in fact, I did not do anything, really, you believe me, is Xiao Yaqin framed me, she did not know how yesterday went to our house, she said, would like to visit our room, I am embarrassed to refuse to let her in a few rooms around, did not think she would be like this I am ashamed for the explanation, of course, eventually did not fidget cube silent have the courage to say that he almost lost his body. Qianyao did not say anything, two eyes tightly staring at me, tears slowly out of the eyes, lips slightly shaking, I never seen Qianqian had such a big gas, scared even the atmosphere are not out, Stupid blankly standing in situ, it felt like a sentence was sentenced to death by the gun tactics of the prisoners, the internal organs almost Jiu broken. Qianqian of fear of expression on my blind, but more tightly staring at me, that gaze sad, there is anger, there is despair, she clearly do not believe my explanation, her heart has been clearly different that damned Something shattered At this moment, I fidget cube silent have only fidget cube silent one idea, that is to find Xiao Yaqin, strangled her alive I know that this idea is very dirty, if not my own curiosity, want to see what she really have any purpose, if not fidget cube silent later I am obsessed, maybe she did not have the o.

love letters, I know your writing good , But also well versed in the girl Dafa, this love letter written by you to the most appropriate, however, your cousin my life happiness lies in your body Cousin proud smirking with. By the world is really no free lunch, 50 love letters, this does not treat me as a code word machine You are not right What are the ages, and actually have to write love letters, please, do not be so old fashioned okay Not directly pull the bed, really troublesome I snappily replied. Uh, you think I want to write, ah, according to internal information, poems like to receive a pile of love letters, you know your cousin I know the name of the drug in addition to those nauseating love letter text is not experts, You do not want to see your brother I hit a lifetime of single bar Cousin lowered voice asked me, a look that fell into the love network is not extricate themselves. Well, but fifty is also a little too much, the appetite is really poisoned, twenty letters okay I salivate the face of the bargaining. No, fifty letters, one can not be less Cousin life and death do not let go. Well, fifty to fifty, so busy Qianqian Yaou things I ll help you write, to ensure that she touched the splendid miles I patted the chest packed votes. I am absolutely convinced that fidget cube silent coax a woman who is better than you, as long as you Zhuo Zihao stepped her birthday, I would like to fiercely fan their own a slap in the face, why should so ruthless hurt her. Next, Shuqian no longer contact me, no longer send text messages to get me up every day, no longer invited me to go to night study hall, I send text messages she did not return, playing the phone is not connected, and sometimes in the Classroom or canteen encounter, they do not say anything to hide, as if I was a stranger do not know. I think I really hurt the Qianmian too deep, or by virtue of her gentle personality is impossible to ignore me. My heart is also very painful to lose, more difficult than the loss of school beauty, I do not know she will not forgive me, I was so eager she can care about me as before, control me, but no, she seems to play Make up your mind to alienate me I have been accustomed to getting up early, there is no message Qianqian I no longer stay fidget cube gear in bed, get up early every day staring at the phone in a daze, I hope Qianqian number suddenly jumped out, even scolded me a few words, or flat light greeting I heard also, but unfortunately, nothing at all. I began to consciously go to study on the evening, without her to send text messages to urge. I fidget cube silent have been affected by her slowly changed, but she has to give me Perhaps this is my own deserved punishment, do not know when to cherish, when lost regret what is the use I stil.o, small grams of the first to detect the trend of Zao Wou ki, the best block him in the avenue near the beat meal, not too much action, whatever the outcome, Be careful, hit the muzzle can not pay Big Bear waved his hand, issued the final order. Boss, you do not think he may leave the school out Or he did not nest in the dormitory does not come out In case of white keep a night, it is too boring He Dao original grasp the scalp asked the sentence. I have already inquired about, Xiao fidget cube silent Xiaohong is the province to come, there is no possibility of going home on weekends, but I do not know how to do this, As long as she is in school, Zao Wou chi can not come out about her Bear word sonorous, resounding, said very sure. Really worthy of vice chairman of the student union, a profound understanding of the use of know ourselves, win every battle, the truth, according to his analysis, that Zou Wuji is fidget cube for kids not escape this robbery Bear said, but then the plan can not keep up with the change, not to mention today is rainy weather, not suitable for a lover dating , Besides, maybe people around in the dormitory I endured laughing, intentionally or unintentionally cast a glance Black cat one. He reluctantly Xiao Xiaohong quarters dating, I stabbed him fidget cube silent Black cat anxious, fiercely staring at me. I was not your rival, your little rainbow, I am not interested in the sli.

Fidget Cube Silent o they will stay you down, I do not worry you go back to fidget cube hk school alone, or stay here a good night Shuqian blush, his hands very natural rub Clothes angle, that shy look like I look at the heart. Zhuo Zihao, you damn, obviously love is the school beauty, why should the Qianqianxinpanians Owed less beat I fiercely depressed heart of evil, pretending to look casually Qianqian study. The study was classical yellow, the wall hung a number of famous calligraphy and painting, of course, Qianqian own paintings and calligraphy fidget cube demonstration works, layout of the elegant and clean. A large shelf on the wall, filled with all kinds of books. Light yellow prints of the floor curtains in front of a Guqin, Qin put a pot next to a large dark green leaves of plants, and then the last corner put a classical Louhua Taomu small frame, the shelf is a small circular desktop , Placed two Jingdezhen bowl, bowl with white stone species planted with yellow green bluegrass, is stretching a long blade. Can not think Qianqian will play Guqin Sure enough, is the talented woman, have to find her play a song for me Sub ho, you are tired, first to my bedroom to sleep, okay I go to help you to wash the blood stained clothes, dry you can wear Shuqian pat Took my shoulder. Keke, my whole body is not pulling grumble, how can the nerve to go to sleep the beauty of the fragrant boudoir In case the blood sta.onger period of time can be discharged The doctor checked, smiled and said the world s most beautiful words. Thank you Xin Xiaoliao excitement voice choked, bowed pregnant doctor toward the bow. Oh, you first talk about it, but the patient just wake up, do not let him too excited and tired The doctor reached out to help Xin Xiaoluo, and turned around the bed of the rumor smiles You can really met A good wife, she is in the hospital to take care of you for six months Doctors and nurses are gone, the whole ward only Xin Xiaola and Feng Yan two. Down, the doctor said you take care of me for six months, is it really I really lying in the hospital for half a year The wind may recall the matter before sleep, a little timid look Xin Xiaola. Yes, you big bad guy, lying in bed sit back and relax, causing me to worry for so long, you see, the baby is so big, you do not wake up, he must call you. Fengyan the forehead, and tears laughed, eyes moved to his stomach. Ah, are so big, is not to be born Feng Yan s eyes also moved to the Xin Xiaolu s belly, stretched out the trembling hand touch the past. Oh, we are really a child Ah, the expected date of delivery in this month, not long after you can see the baby, but also the twins Oh, I really worried that you can not wake up before the birth of the child, which is just great, thank God Tears of the. Really.



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