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Fidget Cube Preorder y, when the lights go out quickly at night when the dormitory, even they say hello I do not bother to respond , I fell asleep in bed, I just want to sleep in the past, never wake up, never let me go to face it all This time I really changed, every day, gloomy face do not want to talk to anyone, in addition to school meals is to read the novel, black cat they do not know what happened to me, asked several times by my cold eyes scared Back, no one would dare to ask. I just want to let themselves busy, I am afraid to stop to think about their own dirty behavior, I really can not forgive myself Qian girl has changed, and often see her head down a person walking, the face has been smiling and gone, for the face is melancholy. I often looked at the lonely figure alone Qianqifa daze, the heart always like someone with a sharp awl in the drill the same pain. I would like to run up tightly on the delicate figure in his arms, I want to wipe her face all the melancholy, but I can not tell fidget cube preorder whether they love her, or because of conscience to be responsible for her , The complexity of this problem makes me a headache. Moreover, I have not qualified to approach her, I have desecrated her purity, I do not deserve no face and then face her. The sin is too deep, to find God repent no use, how can I do Things in the world are always good, this is not true, although.s of my parents, my heart is full of warm happiness, if the Qian fidget cube preorder girl with me to the good, when she can truly become my Zhuojia daughter I wandered and began to have no illusions. After the New Year returned to school, very surprised to receive a letter of the school flower, a long four letter paper, she actually wrote me a letter so long, but also the most primitive method, handwritten, post fidget cube amazon buy office delivery Xiao Yaqin s letter to write the truth is true that she has always been like me, but I never clear to pursue her, so she was very angry and very sad, because the girl s face and inconvenience to me, but Pique and others to love, in fact, everything is for me Pro, she asked me to go outside the school Siyu coffee shop to meet. I was dumbfounded on the spot, so the outcome a little out of my accident, from her I have been to her now for fidget cube preorder three years, in addition to her proud to put in front of me high profile, I really do not see her when I like me Signs Is the more beautiful the more difficult to elude women, the more will cover themselves The fourth chapter forty fourth chapter of the temptation of fox Qian girl has not come to school, I thought or decided to go to Xiao Yaqin about, and then how to say that she is the first woman to move my heart, although it is only a kind of attraction but not true love, but I Still eager to get together with her a.

first time we meet after graduation, respectively, a year, Wu Xiaoming mature than before a lot, actually still keep a mustache, hair is long, and I imagine a lot of difference. Tian Li has changed, remember that she was a very thin girl, but now there are signs of fat, two face meat bulging, legs also become thick. Ha ha ha, sub ho, I miss you Wu Xiaoming rushed over to fidget cube preorder me a big hug. Get along for four years, fidget cube preorder Wu Xiaoming has never been so exaggerated embrace me, so I feel strange, smiling joked Xiao Ming, how do I feel you become a smooth it, promoted it, covered with oil Wu Xiaoming nodded his head, but also conspire to my ear a small channel I rose parents Parents I hesitated, then back to laughter, corner of the eye glanced over the Tian Li. Dead boy, it really is fidget cube preorder a child from the married Hey, you play what the riddle Do not say so ambiguous okay Hate Qian girl listening to the fog, dissatisfaction with hammer my arm. Oh, tell you, I guess come true last night, Xiao Ming fast father I told the girl Qian voice down. Really Wow, good envy Qian girl smiled and ran to Tian Li, the two holding hands talking about whispers. Wu Xiaoming greeted me to go to his house. Their home in the sixth floor, Sanshiyiting the house, naturally higher than the house Qianqiaotou school to be spacious, just renovated, the house piled with some new items for but ask the black cat curious about the black cat. She ah, was Bear rejection of the chanting, abortion is not recuperate after a serious illness, a good disease after becoming ugly, and temper is also very strange, and said looking for opportunities to kill the Bear, to see which man We have a little regret deceive Xiao Xiaohong to go to bed, and more should fidget cube preorder not only look for their own music and refused to use security measures, harm her, we have a lot of people, Always worried fidget cube preorder about their pregnancy Black cat looks like conscience, pondered said. You, you will not fall out, right I subconsciously asked the sentence. Ah, the points, in fact, I do not love her, she may also understand it, I know she hated me, no matter how, breaking up is always sad Black cat said a little sad, not Know is not really in confession. In fact, I was not, I have cruelly hurt Qianqian Tou, but I have tried to make up, although I have not dare to think about whether there is no wipe the girl s heart pain I do not know what words to comfort the black cat, had to silently patted his shoulder. Sub ho, and now we dormitory on you and Xiao Ming the best, I hope you two can be happy, Tian Li and Shu Qian are I appreciate the good girl, I hope you can cherish Will die, his words are good, the black cat seems to really wake up I will, and bless yo.atching her eat with relish, I was very happy, the past few days of the fidget cube cheap $8.9 dismal , Feeling all of a sudden the whole world full of sunshine. I like to see Qian Qian s smile, so pure so charming The third chapter twenty seventh chapter broken pot broke Later, I proposed to take her to the park to play, she seems to be interested in the park, like a child, listen to her as a child as long as parents are free, she will rely on them to take her to the park to play. To the park, in order to make her happy, I intend to summon the courage to overcome the shadow of the boat, rent boat to accompany fidget cube espa?a her to play in the lake, she said the most like the feeling of boating on the lake, like a fish leisurely. Sub ho, you are not very bad seasickness We do not go by boat, so you will be uncomfortable, the last scared me Qian fidget cube preorder girl looked at me wonder, flatly rejected my proposal. Oh, I can slowly overcome it, stay for a while to get used to, Oh, can not be life long seasickness plagued it, right Spit a few habits I turned to the charter where to go go with. Do not go, in fact, I do not like to go by boat, we go to the Ferris wheel to see it lively Qian girl grabbed my arm without any explanation left. I know Qianqian is considerate of me, touched me as in the frosty winter sun bath so warm. The feeling of recovery was good, I never felt so happy, I secretly told myself th.

Fidget Cube Preorder ianyang, Zihao classmates, 605 boys dormitory boss, in the classmates which have a certain prestige, but the hot temper, a bit daring, met against his mind things often reckless, especially for the buddies to succeed. Senior, the people stabbed, was expelled from school Black cat formerly known as Gu Li, 605 members, nature of fun, love to make practical jokes, and the big bears like He Dao Yuan mayor of the fidget cube preorder baby son, childhood love like a fight, and later forced to send his fidget cube preorder father to go abroad to school The first chapter of the decadent university Meiyuan Apartment, 605 boys dormitory. Black cat wearing headphones twisted ass Langhao, hoarse blame shock blunt eardrum, people can not help but make a chill. Sprinkled with sporadic cigarette butts on the floor, the bedroom is always full of pungent smell of stinking socks. A group of naked men sat on the table, stretched out their long necks. TV, the skirt fluttering stunning beauty staggering fall off the cliff, young knight dressed in a white swept past, heroes to save the United States. The prince swore, rang the campus This boring and long term, I do not know how to spend. There are several freshmen on the playground students playing football, like a tiger s vigorous figure so that I Dunsheng emotion, like when they had just entered the provincial capital of the key art institutions, but also.nt her mother, and live in the world what does that mean This was originally a happy home, is to be destroyed by their own hand, had known today, why the original ah Niu drops of blood in the heart, full of remorse Xiao Qiushui know niu after divorce, fly over to visit her. I have nothing now, you said you love me, then, fidget cube preorder you will divorce marry me Xiao Qiushui hesitated a long time, stroking Niu thin shoulders, said niu, I really love you, ah, but I can not divorce, even though I do not love my wife, her father is my leadership, without him, I can not offend them, Niuniu, we are not very good Please understand me Xiao Qiushui eyes flashing, not the previous affection Niu despairing Xiao Qiushui gradually indifferent face, the pain of the heart again split into numerous pieces, was his indifferent eyes sting no longer own Xiao Qiushui flew away, and perhaps also will fly away forever, will no longer appear in niu s world Niuniu also decided to leave, and never leave the world she can not breathe. Niuniu has had enough of this endless torment with alcohol anesthesia, life seems to her no meaning, it is only in the zombie, such a day, tired, tired, and afraid, just want to get rid of earlier. Niuniu find a set of favorite clothes to wear, and her husband sent the wedding ring to wear in the hand, and all the books and money hides into his po.



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