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Fidget Cube Official nt, said You do not know that you were the action and expression how cool I can never forget that lens.I had time to thank you, I was very pleased that you actually and my fellow class, we have a number of classes in the same classroom opportunities, this is a very good thing, I found that I am delighted, I intentionally or unintentionally close to you, to show you my various advantages, I hope you can recognize me like me, but you seem to completely forget this idiot that thing, I am not willing, I think I want to get back to the dorm, I do not believe you know that this is not to pursue me I do not believe you know this is not to pursue me My heart suddenly understood a very important thing, that is why the black cat to take the fidget cube official school lotus tease me, the original are prompted by Xiao Yaqin, but they did not think that before I had started crush on the school beauty of the , The new party Xiao Yapeng that fluttering white folk dance, so I struck a good impression on her, maybe I was not like her own, but the fairy like figure on the stage, but that was my first time A girl tempted Black cat and Bear are vowed to say that you like me, I do not know what they are so sure you do not know what you are, I do not know what they are so sure you My feelings, their face secretive expression so I can not believe, but several times with you talki.ding the date received Xiao Yaqin Letter, and dormitory those guys gave me a variety of bad ideas have told her, at least I want her to know that I most care about is her, not others I do not know the girl is not concerned about this, but I know my destiny has been linked together and Qianqian, and this life I can only her good, I would like to let her know all my honest, as she would think of How to do, I am willing to accept. Finally, I want to say girl, I love you fidget cube official , But after all, I can not say. Sub ho, you say are true Qianqian Ding looking at my eyes, his face is very strange expression. Ah, if there is a half sentence, days of lightning strike I solemnly raised his hand. Qianmao actually gently fidget cube info laughed, and pale face like a white pear in full bloom, unprecedented beauty, thin lips Qingqi, fidget cube adhd jumped out of a sentence I almost fainted, Zihao, then we give birth to children The fourth chapter forty first chapter heart forever pain I am dumbfounded, and for a while before fidget cube official The girl, we have to face the reality ah, you like the child can also be students after the Well, like how many students on the number of students, we can not let the children suffer Qianqian Jiaochen white me, people are not pigs, not only how much it My heart resisting a move, his eyes quickly wet, it seems to see that Jiaoqiao naughty girl, so lovely innocent, but now Shuqian, who is.

Tea bar where the elegant man, the airport at the tight hug, fidget cube official hot ears kiss, as if to happen yesterday. These finally sealed the past, as the rapid flood as Yin Yin over, niu once again into a trance. Heart to tell myself not to see those e mail, the hand is like a demon, like eleven will mail open Xiao Qiushui that sentimental meaning, sad bitterness sad fidget cube official word tightly grabbing Niuniu heart, the exudes charm of the man, this time like a love of the beginning of the juvenile, in Acacia long river helpless, the slightest sad Yin emotional letterhead far fall into the hearts of niu, niu was again touched Whether it is first love lover Ouyang grams, or later Li Yuguang, have not been such a romantic pursuit of niu, this unique feeling, this intoxicating emotion, so niu heart difficult Na Niuniu usually go to the forum, see Xiao Qiushui wrote to her a lot of poetry, sad lingering, and my heart has a trace of pain, for the persistent and sad man. Niuniu finally could not help but log on the QQ, Xiao Qiushui large tracts of messages, words with tears, anxious sentence, Niuniu tears, and completely impressed by the affection of the man. Just at this time, Xiao Qiushui on line, and see a long time no see niu, ecstatic sent a video fidget cube official request. Niuniu found his hand trembling powerful, the heart is also racing more than do not know the point should not receive.iously, is not what happened. Xin Xiaola hesitated a few seconds after that and a few friends to play in Sanya, everything is good The wind gently sighed and said to go out to get some fresh air, and told that we must pay attention to safety, go back to what, if anything, hit his phone, said the phone will be open 24 hours of. Xin Xiaowei tears hung up the phone, the man affectionate care, let her heart like a painful blood, feel that they do not deserve him to pay, unworthy of his love. Xin Xiaoli attached two days and Tian Li their morning to evening to see the sea, running on the beach chase play, tired to sit down to eat, a pedestrian to play very happy. Sometimes, Xiaoluo also make their own silence, quietly standing by the sea, looking at the distance sailing little bit, listening to the sisters behind the cheerful laughter, do not think about anything, so quietly enjoy the sea breeze Touch, feel the mind suddenly Cheng Jing a lot Feng Yan made a lot of text messages to the Xin Xiao, and sometimes the middle of the night can receive his message, Xiaoluo can imagine how miserable he had, my heart is very guilty, these emotions are troubled, so that the night falls through the night insomnia. In fact, Xin Xiaoling mind is very clear that they are tortured each other, but they can not change the status quo. Fly back from Sanya, Xin Xiaola di.carry a heavy psychological shadow and his life. Now Xin Xiaolao no longer fidget cube official have the courage to love a bet on the casino, and she can not afford to lose, the man called Hao has been completely broken her, so she had a bitten by the snake, Well rope, the psychological fidget cube official shadow, Xin Xiaola do not want to return to the past that can not bear to think about it If I did not fall, not to leave so many shadows, that the good ah, that I can accept the rhetoric of Tan Tan s swing proposal, but unfortunately there is no regret in this world can eat medicine, a step wrong, step by step Wrong, you have to own the fault, pay a lot of the price Xin Xiaolu never resentment as they now own Chapter outside the chapter of the sink and the temptation Why not give up This escape of the day, fidget cube official so Xinxiao feel very tired tired, but in addition to escape, but also what to do Xin Xiaolao less and less courage to face the wind, afraid to face his pair of melancholy eyes. The face of this once pure sunshine fidget cube $4.8 big boy, when it started to become so melancholy Let Xin Xiaoluo will look sad I said, I want to marry you, I really want to marry you Feng Yan took Xin Xiaoluo hand hold. Feng Yan, I said I will not marry you, why do not you give it up Xiaoluo turned fidget cube launch date to look elsewhere, long sigh. Why do I not give up I would also like to give up hope, but I simply can not die heart Wind.

Fidget Cube Official he courage, brave lift eyes looked at my eyes. Really just when the sister I Qianqian whether there is any other feelings Whenever I think of school beauty and heartache, always involuntarily think Qianqian of tender, I stubborn let school flower in my heart draw a road wound, but greedy with fidget cube official qian girl to cure. If I have Qianqian addition to friendship than love, that school tweed Can I love two girls at the same time No, fidget cube official it must not be the case, how could I love two people at the same time I love just school beauty, although I may never be able to get her, but I still love her. As Qianqian, it must be a spiritual attachment and comfort it, because only she will be wholehearted to me, and only she will be unreservedly dedicated to her warmth to me, this affirmative and Love is not the same, but why sometimes I still will her heart Why is the desire for her more intense than the school beauty. I really do not know the problem, if only just friendship, why I would be so concerned about Qianqian Tou That night, if the girl replaced by Qian Qian Bear they molested, I think I will rush to beat them halo, and certainly not as silly as an idiot in the side. This will be the power of love, or my brother s desire to protect the sister I can not figure out these complex issues, I do not know how to answer Qianqian Tou, so I chose silence Qianmou see me for a lon.g on the dance fidget cube official floor by the corner of the round table, a middle aged man s arms, middle aged man s hand is not honest in the Xiaoya waist up and down activities. Xin Xiaolao unaware, holding a glass, a mouth Min Zhao wine, looking at the front of the crazy crowd in a daze. There was a bar from time to time, a very young boy opened the door came in, big eyes wide glance glanced, Gu Zouzhao dance aisle walked, like looking for someone. Xiaoluo, with me back The boy went to Xin Xiaolu in front of a middle aged man pulled her arms up. Xiaolu is in a daze, did not expect someone to pull him, the glass fell to the ground missed, snapped bang smashed. The music in the ballroom covered the broken glass. Smelly boy, what are you doing My horse you dare to bubble, you fucking is not owed Middle aged man fire, anger staring at the boy. Boy livid face, muscles twitching face seems to strongly endured the inner anger, word by fidget cube official sentence I call my wife home, you his mother roar what Want to fight Put the horse over, I Fengpei is Middle aged man looked at the tall boy Huai Wu s body, but also to see their short fat body, his face float a trace of Juyi, bitterly closed his mouth. Why do I want to go back with you Well, hate Xin Xiaola want to break the boy s hand. Because I want you to go back The boy calm back a sentence. I fidget cube net worth do not go back, you do not pull me, and then I.



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