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Fidget Cube Logo $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);est took kisses and the like Black cat s voice reveals a deep sense of cold. I almost laughed out loud, this guy really will be Xabai, obviously they like, but nonsense is the buddy s wife I, I Zao wu shaking a half day can not say a word. Do not say I would ask you to eat a knife, stabbed to death do not blame me Black cat pulled out from the pocket of a fruit knife, do not know when he put the knife fidget cube test hides in his pocket of. Good good, I said I said, she did not explicitly agreed to me, but agreed to accompany me out this evening to go out, I did not kiss her, did fidget cube trailer not even hold hands Zhao Woji scared whole body shivering, confession. I warn you, from now on, and then not allowed to play Xiao Xiaohong s idea, even think are not allowed to think, you d better never know her, or I kill you and then dismembered, chopped meat, and then They throw into the trash, I said to do, you are not afraid to die to try Black cat will be tightly attached to the cold blade Zao Wou pui face. I no longer dare, and beg you fidget cube kickstarter video for mercy Zao Wou ki legs a soft, p kneeling on the ground. Well, tonight to spare you a life, in order for you to always remember this lesson, I have to give you deepen the impression, brothers, on Black Lengheng soon as a punch to Zao Wou s chest. As early as the next eager Ouyang Ke and Ho Road, the original impatient rushed up, the fis.

it is frightening. After the cold wind, followed by rain is continuous rain, like a small mountain from heaven overwhelming to shed down, gray over the whole sky, the mountains have been fled into the faint misty among the trees near the building is Looming, like a mirage. Big Bear and black cat and others are sitting at the table for the action tonight advice, which usually nothing to trouble all the trouble guy, now an excuse to fight things, how can we let go Spoke talk opened, as thousands of sparrow scrambled into a plate. I am very fortunate that, because I have always been gentle appearance so that they always thought I was just a hand of the frail scholar, the general fighting occasions, rarely pull me to participate, fear of distraction to take care of them I, as long as I am next to Dangdang cheerleading on the line, invisible among the trouble so I do not like a lot of trouble. So the last fight in the cinema more than a dozen hooligans, I did not dare to tell them the last part, but also told the Qianqianqian not let any students know that I am not afraid of fighting, but do not want to get in trouble, this is uncle childhood education the result of. Qianqian afraid of me and the bear they learn bad, had suggested that I change a bedroom, see me take the initiative not to stir up trouble, she is naturally trying to maintain me. Well, to do skipping classes. Trying to find all sorts of excuses to prevaricate fidget cube logo Qian girl. Although I know this continues, perhaps soon will lose Qianqian Tou, but I still do not know life and death do, I fuck is a slut, a good do not love partial picking bad like slut Qianyatou bright eyes more than a trace of concern, fidget cube logo that look the same distressed but I feel guilty, I hate myself Hun Hun E, a semester has passed. The school put more than a month summer vacation, I also decided not to go home, ready to find a summer job to fight, make money is a small matter, the most important thing is I want something decent to their own dry, to accumulate a little social experience. Four years of college will soon be over, do not first experience, when the graduation with the blind on the same as the social Chuang, hit a wall more, I m afraid of life fidget cube logo will lose confidence Depression for more than half of the semester, I realized that they can not sink decadent, because the Qianqian Tou has not as affectionate to me, and has slowly alienated signs. Perhaps she really tired of me, want to get out of my world, like me do not think of repentance, who will be tired of However, the discovery or let me inexplicable erect scared, I once again deeper aware of the terrible loss of Qianqian Tou, so I tried to reflect on their own efforts to warn myself, fidget cube logo do not forget the last loss of h.ld fidget cube logo not be so After all, only between couples will be so ambiguous, and so on, Qianqian Tougong not really crush on me To be so, then the trouble, if the school fidget cube near me flower to know, I can not jump to the Yellow River At this point, I suddenly felt a little uneasy, the two eyes as a thief as a thief, as if the school beauty at any time from the crowd out, with contempt for the murder of my eyes. Qian girl naturally do not know what I was thinking, the other hand also rolled up, and compact body close to me, two large eyes Gulu Lu around the chaos to see, smiling lips, soft and playful silhouette, I actually Produce a want to embrace her impulse Dawn of the cinema, the door covered with posters, actually are horror films, ha ha, days to help me, Qianqian not drill my arms strange, you can take the opportunity to wipe the beauty of the oil I thought again dirty. Looked at the entrance of the theater is a sea of people, both pairs or hand, or embracing the couple, it is countless, I see the Dunsheng Envy of the slightest, the corner of the eye glimpse around Jiaoqiao charming Shuqian, my full vanity has also been a little satisfied. Although I grow up to the age of twenty is still a bachelor, but at least this moment, next to those who alone will only shadow of the bachelor or envy me, right From a few men sneaky, and constantly slip over the eyes can be seen, th.

Fidget Cube Logo tuo shaking, numb standing there, looking at the same unconscious rumors of the mother, forget the thinking, forget the sorrow, do not know how to face it all. Are my harm ah, fidget cube logo God, you have to punish me to punish it The outer chapter of the sink and the temptation of Chapter XVIII two sad woman Feng Yan parents strongly persuaded, Xin Xiaoluo dragged his exhausted body, from the hospital back home. Speaking of the bedroom door open, Xin Xiaolia heart of a move, subconsciously walked inside. Opened a half of the drawer, which stood a letter, the envelope was shocked to read the name of Xiaola. Xiaolao very curious, the two cohabitation under a roof, what special things need to write it Xin Xiaolu regardless of 3721, the envelope apart, from the inside out of an Industrial and Commercial Bank of the bank card, as well as a letterhead, the paper is only a short paragraph Oh, when you see the letter, maybe I have not in this world.You have asked me, is not trying to be a savior, to save you this fallen soul.In fact, how can I so great, I have not I love you, just because I do not know what way to love you, to let you completely forget the pain of the past, happy life, I have no confidence in their own ah I do not know why you are increasingly fidget cube ebay hate I, I really can not stand your indifference, I feel that their own good failure. Xiaoluo, if my life can be exc. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);



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