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Fidget Cube Europe $txtArray[] = trim($text,\"\\r\\n\");est took kisses and the like Black cat s voice reveals a deep sense of cold. I almost laughed out loud, this guy really will be Xabai, obviously they like, but nonsense is the buddy s wife I, I Zao wu shaking a half day can not say a word. Do not say I would ask you to eat a knife, stabbed to death do not blame me Black cat pulled out from the pocket of a fruit knife, do not know when he put the knife hides in his pocket of. Good good, I said I said, she did not explicitly agreed to me, but agreed to accompany me out this evening to go out, I did not kiss her, did not even hold hands Zhao Woji scared whole body shivering, confession. I warn you, from now on, and then not allowed to play Xiao Xiaohong s idea, even think are not allowed to think, you d better never know her, or I kill you and then dismembered, chopped meat, and then They throw into the trash, I said to do, you are not afraid to die to try Black cat will be tightly attached to the cold blade Zao Wou pui face. I no longer dare, and beg you for mercy Zao Wou ki legs a soft, p kneeling on the ground. Well, tonight to spare you a life, in order for you to always remember this lesson, I have to give you deepen the impression, brothers, on Black Lengheng soon as a punch to Zao Wou s chest. As early as the next eager Ouyang Ke and Ho Road, the original impatient rushed up, the fis.

That we will have two babies Too happy, I am so happy Tears of tears also came out, weak smile. Xiaolu move heavy body, toward the wind by relying on the past, the lower part of the body in the rhetoric of the deep kiss on his forehead, eyes full of happy smile. Chapter Twenty three angels come to earth Oh, I m sorry, I did not expect a lying on the lay for so long, you have a baby I did not take care of you one day, never done a day fidget cube ama to do the responsibility of his father, you call me fidget cube europe Looking at the inconvenience of Xin Xiaoluo. Hey, fool, you wake up I have been very happy, so hello, I will and the baby with the Lee back to the time you can not be impatient Oh, can I blame I care about, women are Like the accounts of the Xin Xiaoluxiaixiu screwed twist the tip of the wind. I promise not to be impatient, how do fidget cube europe you abuse me, I have decided not to resist Rumors put up a finger to make oath shaped, funny Xin Xia fall for a while music. Oh, forget to call your parents, and this tells them that you wake up, they will be very happy Xin Xiaola quickly get the phone bed. Let s call them for a while, and if they come, we can not get along with each other alone, and I seem to have not talked to you for a century. Speak with the prayer of the eyes looking at Xin Xiaolu. Well, then Xin Xiaola put down the phone, and grabbed the wind of the right hand, Mos.the rumors are true or false, absolutely not look down on the meaning of Guangdong girls, anyway, our class fidget cube europe of two Guangdong boys is very black, Not high. I looked at the next look at the East and fidget cube europe West Lin Shaonan, wanted to take him to open a joke, think about it or forget, if he scared to turn around and run away on the tragic, Zhu fidget cube europe Shou know that I can not curse Sub ho, how not to see people do not put me pigeons, right Lin Shaonan a little anxious. Come on, you look at the above, Guangdong to Beijing that train is only ten minutes before the pit stop, patience, and so it, I fidget cube reddit do not light bulbs do not worry, what are you anxious I am gasy and funny pointing Opposite the electronic screen. Lin Shaonan dry smiled and looked at the electronic screen, once again shifted his eyes to the station, knowing that the other side can not be at this time, but he still subconsciously staring at those who go out of the crowd. I looked down at his toes, secretly laughing, Zhu Shou said good, evidently this guy is really very concerned about the call Nvshi Nvwang, if she fidget cube ebay uk is really ugly, do not know how Lin Shaonan will cope My heart more than a hint of excitement, stay there might fidget cube europe be a lively look Hao, to be honest, I have not even seen her photos, I really do not know what she looks like, I m afraid to come out a scary dinosaur, how do Lin Shaonan back to me, hit the.

Fidget Cube Europe er, you are a good man Jane Sao grateful smile. You re welcome Xin Xiaoluo quilt opened the bed. Just a nightmare, so Xin Xiaoliao very worried about rumors, hesitated a few times, or took the bedside cabinet microphone to the mother in law to make a phone call to confirm the wind all the normal, hanging with a heart was gently Fell down. May be too much pressure, so it was a nightmare. Whenever a child has a nightmare, my mother said fidget cube preorder that dreams are the opposite, do not be afraid. Is not a sign that the wind will soon wake up Xin Xiaofu heart can not help but thrown a trace fidget cube europe of joy, rubbed his temples, asked Jane Sao any time. Jane Sao said fast six o clock, and dinner is ready, ready to come in called Xiaorao eat, they heard her name in the barking of the wind. Xiaoluo a little embarrassed smile, dressed in coat, bulging belly toward the living room walked. Dinner is very rich, made a big table, Xin Xiaoluo said on their own a person to eat, do not do so much trouble and waste. Jane wife said his wife confessed, we must do more, so that ill lit malnutrition. Xin Xiaolu smile looked at the stomach, the mood is very complex, both hope that the child born early, but also afraid of his birth, Xiaoluo want to hear the wind can see the birth of a child ah After dinner, Xin Xiaolao mother in law call, insisted on going back to the hospital to accompany the wi.l do not know they are not love Qian girl, I can not tell at this time of loss and sadness because of love or because of friendship, we get along too close, even if only friendship, so the loss of a friend, will be very Sad In fact, I do not know Qianqian Tou s heart is not better than that night ran back to hide in the quilt to cry for most of the night, this is her first time like a boy, and I actually in front of her so cruel refusal. The reason she ignored me, just want to calm your fidget cube europe mind The unusual between us dormitory gang buddies attention, several times I asked what happened, in addition to smile, I can say Good hope someone severely beat me meal, I fucking really want to cry ah When I feel despair extremely desperate time, suddenly received Qianqian of text messages, said in the dormitory downstairs waiting for me. My heart is more than excited rage, almost as soldiers went to the battlefield as the door, out of breath from the sixth floor rushed to the first floor. Tall nepalia, the Qian girl smile to me, the wind was chaotic long hair covered half of the white Qiao Lian, fantastic and charming I actually drunk, drunk in that strand of long hair Do not know me, this world will have more surnamed Zhuo of a madman, and you do not know how poor I am, all day terrified, for fear that you really will never ignore me I smiled to the Qianmou face ch.



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