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Fidget Cube Cost sity, sister is about to high school graduation, Ouyang grams eager wife, do not open his wife, then from his savings pumping tens of thousands of dollars sent to Laozhang, can let her Sister successfully finished college, niu was very moved, secretly determined that this life must take good care of her husband, a good guardian of this hard won love The sixty ninth chapter difficult business Married, the two become larger, Ouyang grams of the shop is too slow to make money, decided to open a company, so the shop sold, and said the business people have natural business in Guangdong cells, these words are good, not to mention Ouyang Kesheng In the merchant family, childhood monasteries in this area of knowledge, it is not difficult to operate. Ouyang grams of father is very readily funded a large sum of money, but also promised to mobilize acquaintances to help him pull the business, so, Ouyang grams of advertising and decoration company will soon be set up. At this time, niu has been pregnant, can be described as double happiness. Had wanted to help her husband s management of the company s niu, and only peace of mind at home resting, waiting for the birth of a small life. Ouyang gram early father, the joy of the driving force greatly increased, seems to have endless energy, the company built, a good sign in the father s help, received a lot of b.

, tears always can not help the mad drip. Such memories, in fact, is very cruel Xin Xiaola do not understand why they always do wrong. Ho s departure, they would like the general collapse of the sky, the game between the various men. The face of the wind of love, in the surprise, but in fidget cube cost every possible way hurt. With a man s relentless punishment to another man s infatuation, the result is tearing his heart, why so silly. Xiaoluo, you do not too sad, you are pregnant people, emotional too bad will affect the child, the wind has been so, we had to hope in God Feng Yan s mother endured pain comfort Xin drop. Thank you, aunt, baby should be no problem Xin Xiaoyi biting lip smile. Can withstand the pain it Can stop sad What can not The father of the rumor side to take care of his son, while also laboring company, flying, and ultimately sick and sick, lying in the wind to live in this hospital. Fortunately, no major problems, but overwork, hanging a few days will be discharged. Helpless, they decided to bring back home treatment. Feng Yan s parents strongly asked Xin Xiaolao to go home with them, saying that she was not assured that a pregnant woman alone, and then the wind need her care. For them, on the rumor, Xin Xiaoluo have a deep sense of guilt, to enter their home, will make Xiaoyu feel ashamed. However, in order to Feng Yan, Xiaolu had to force yours.fference in how much Xiao Qiu fidget cube cost Shuiu shook his hand with a smile, turned and moved from the car to give her a large bag of gifts, most of them local specialty. Niu does not want to please Xiao Qiushui to sit at home, but directly to him not far from a tea bar. Niu Xiao shallow smile, very casual and Xiao Qiushui chatting some interesting, like a long distance friends from afar. Occasionally, Xiao Qiushui bright eyes under the watch, niu face will be a touch of shyness, the only online so that fidget cube cost she has a good impression of the man, now living from the virtual network down, let her feel like in a dream. Xiao Qiushui looked sitting opposite the quiet and beautiful petite woman, smiled and asked niu, you really have a three year old son How do I look like a little girl did not marry it Not deliberately lie to me You re really young, not like a woman with a baby Oh, how can I lie to you such a thing My son almost a grade, and you do not take me to find a happy Niuniu cheek fidget cube cost fever, bow gently laughed. Niuniu that lotus like modestly shy like touched the inner depths of the deepest Xiao Flanagan Flanagan most soft strings, could not help but resist the heart. Xiao Qiushui secretly sigh this trip a worthwhile trip, niu even more than he imagined his satisfaction. The atmosphere of the tea bar is very relaxed, the mountains and rivers of the Guzheng music slowly w.nd he did not dare to take life jokingly, to see him as a fear of death role, not for women and adventure Black cat laugh very confident. In fact, let alone Zao Wou ki, even between any of us, who would risk their lives to a woman At least I will not to school flowers and disregard their own little life, perhaps I look at the weight of life, perhaps I do not love school beauty, may make me willing to pay the life of the woman has not yet born, ghost know The second volume of Chapter twenty two want to love A few days later, to the cafeteria to eat, the accident to see the black cat and Xiao Xiaohong sitting face to face eating, the two faces are filled with a smile, seems to talk about what a very happy topic. By his grandmother, and actually so quickly put people catch up, and do fidget cube cost not know what he means to use despicable Turn off the lights at night before, I asked Xiao Xiaohong how the bubble is on the bubble, and several other buddies also grabbed him to ask, insisted he can not talk about. fidget cube cost Secret, can not tell you, fidget cube keyring this is my Gu s Paoniu secret, never rumor Black cat smiled proudly, rolled into the bed. People naturally will not let him easily, the more refused to say the more curiosity brought back, not forced him to say no. Ouyang grams is jumped to his bed, sat on his belly threatened him, but the dead black cat insisted that can not say the secre.

Fidget Cube Cost identity met her future mother in law adults. Mom likes Qianqian, he kept her gentle and sensible, completely treat her as a daughter in law, happy to be red girl with a face could not find the North. I think we should have been stable this love it, it seems that no obstruction, and I really got his wish and Qianqian together into the wedding chapel, walked along the happy red carpet Next, it is a New Year I ran home to a holiday, parents and cousin to buy a lot of gifts, I earn enough money to let me squander, naturally not stingy, so rare for the parents lavish time. Kind hearted father of adults from my suspicion, in his view, I am a student is not possible to make so much money, no matter how I explain he did not believe, carrying a big stick to ask me the money of the origin, the two Father and son playing in the yard to catch the eagle chicks, because the mother in front of me, she was afraid of dad hurt me, so it seems, or my mother more trust me adults ah Dad, I tell you the truth, my money is selling books come, I published a book, earned more than 100,000, you see, is this, which you should believe that the next I can not, but to publish their own novels out. Dad carefully rolled over, half believe You really write Yes ah, my son into a writer, and my dad than I have good and bad Finished Oh laugh. This is a very happy, to see the smiling face.e early, brought me two bags of delicious things, said her mother told her to bring, it seems my prospective mother in law adults do for my future fidget cube cost love fidget cube net worth with this, Do not know I was the last generation to repair the fidget cube now blessing, or the ancestors Jide, was able to hand in such good luck. Hao, when you on our house to meet my parents They often talk about you, people do not know what to stall them Qian girl sitting next to me, the chin hanging on my fidget cube cost shoulder, Breathing, such as blue. I do not have enough money to give you the next dowry, I m afraid your parents will sweep me out fidget cube cost of the house, but I do not know, I jerked towards her. Less poor mouth, then what relationship we are not Well, you are just my ordinary classmates, of course, a lot of money, and now you should be the identity of a boyfriend to meet my parents, but also save them always nagging fear you Do not me Qian girl shy said. How would it You like the sky flying white goose, and I is crawling on the floor toad, always only you rejection of my copies, must not be I dumped you, this you please two Old people put ten thousand heart, lend me a hundred dare not to you I am in the fidget cube cost Qianqiaolian face pro and a bit. The fourth chapter of the forty seventh chapter of the woman s traitor I do not care, in short, next week you must be eight children with me to go back to meet my parents, or I will.



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