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Fidget Cube Best Buy I think I should go, bless you, Fengyan. Xin Xiaolia secretly bite, pretending to be calm, effort to squeeze a faint smile, Cut. I do not force you to marry me, how do you love, as long as you do not go, okay Feng Yan like a helpless child, tightly holding Xin Xiaoluo Small hands and hold. Xiaoluo nose paroxysmal acid, heart almost broken. Fengyan, beg you, let me ah Xin Xiaolv again cruel turned his head, forced off the wind of the hand, put on slippers went to the bedroom, leaving a few cold words Do fidget cube best buy not say, we are only rented, you have no right to ask me anything, I Do not want to go on with you entangled, I want to change the new environment of life Xin Xiaoluo, you cold blooded, you are ruthless, you do not do this to me Before closing, the words of the words of the words tearful Xinxiao down the heart piercing. Xin Xiaoyuan eyes closed on the door, any tears rush Kuangxie, heartache, heartache, but also how No escape route can be gone, the wind, I can only long pain as short term pain, ah, I have no confidence with you to bet the future, for the children, for my own, but also for you, I must break you, I do not want to An injury, I know, I do not qualify, can not go into your family, such as their children to follow later aggrieved, as now scattered Wind kneel on the carpet, tears, he did not understand, before that good and gentle Xin Xiaola wh.d loudly yelled. Really I will not believe it I doubt half doubt. Of course, really, lie to you is the turtle son of a bitch Bear in the dark pound patting his chest. I was silent, like a slut as cheap as the default of their idea, decided to give it a go. Although I own despise myself, inexplicable sense of shame Qian girl, but if not stroke a stroke, I really will not completely give up hope The third chapter thirty fourth chapter terrible cold The next night, Ouyang grams do not know what method used to fool Niuniu, to her next school day after school will call the flower in front of the library kiosks, and I have already ignorant of conscience cheated Qianqianmou leave the study room, Early and so on in here, has been cramped uneasy hovering more than half an hour. I do not know what the outcome will be the next, I am looking forward to the same is also very afraid, do not even know if I really want to be happy, or will fall into greater distress Zhuo Zihao, is you Is it Niu Niu said someone about me, fidget cube advert is you Xiaohua entered the pavilion, Meng said, a word, the word is bowing to read I was shocked. I, this, huh, huh, yes I suddenly a little incoherent. Oh, I understand, I heard that you like me, is ready to tell me, right Xiao Yaqin face is very strange, laughing non staring at me like non like. I I was dumbfounded fidget cube best buy on the spot, and all t.

, that he too pick. Cousin s home in the vicinity of the hospital, aunt home money, so last year to help him buy a Sanshiliangting of commercial housing, do not live in the hospital s dormitory. I was in the past, the cousin is still on duty in the hospital, asked me to go directly to his office. To tell the truth, I do not like the atmosphere of the hospital, especially the kind of syrup smell, uncomfortable. However, the cousin adults have ordered, had to bite the bullet and find their hospital door, call the cousin out to meet me. Sub ho, you honestly told the brother, is not to pay his girlfriend reluctant to go home A meeting, the cousin will be asked with fidget cube a sly smile. Where, on my failure to find a girlfriend like you You are not old, and should have a wife and children, right Have not found a goal I shook my head to deny, ask cousin. The third volume thirty second chapter two fidget cube best buy beauty nurses Well, the goal is to have, but has not come and to take concrete action, a full range of research mature hands, to fight for success cousin narrow slender eyes, said very proud. I really can not stand you, chasing a girl is also engaged in so much trouble, be careful by others gain an advantage I dumbfounding back. No, anyway, more goals, there is a grab one Cousin said, said his mouth, and quickly stopped. Oh You are not right Actually also lik.ow to do I knew this, should not force you to come with, and other children should be born and then come Feng buy fidget cube Yan mother s helpless, and constantly blame themselves. Aunt do not worry, I just do not adapt to the north south climate differences, will soon be used to Xin Xiaolang pale face smile, and endured pain. Well, you do not comfort me, it is not, you had to go to the hospital to stay, so that the disease is serious Feng Yan mother sighed. Xin Xiaolu suddenly remembered a child ill, my mother had fidget cube best buy to use earth to her treatment of things, as if quite effective, so anxious to call home to find her mother asked prescription. I do not worry about your father and I die you Mom answered the phone, they fidget cube best buy are concerned about the inquiry. Xin Xia fell out of the living conditions. Xin Xiaola heard her mother s voice, tears suddenly slipped out, so imagine a child, by the grievances to find her mother talk about it, but the dawn down to know that they can not, for fear of her mother worried, but forced smile, said Had a very good, but for a city work. Mom, this is the case, I have a friend of the disease, as if intractable cold, how also cure, I remember when you have a fidget cube best buy child with a way to cure me a cold, but do not fidget cube best buy remember what is the use of the , Do you remember Did not say a few words, Xin Xiaogu down to the truth, casually to the mother sp.d told her to pay attention to nutrition, to eat fidget cube best buy more nutritious food, pay attention to protecting the fetus. Xin Xia like chicken peck like a non stop nodding his head, the heart is full of maternal love. Out of the hospital gate, Xin Xiaoliao mood becomes very easy, the pace is also more light. The power of maternal love is fidget cube best buy really unbelievable. Xiaola really wish to stomach the little life immediately came to this world, let her tightly in his arms. Xin Xia falling illusion in the belly of the little guy in the end is like himself or as the wind, or is a blend of the two characteristics. Think of the wind, Xin Xiaofu mood can not help but a little heavy. Do not know he was halfway to get rid of their own, what expression will be used on their own Is raging like a thunder, or no longer ignore themselves Xin Xiao is a bit afraid to go back to face him, a man hovering in the street for most of the day, until the legs pain, tired, had to bite the bullet and ride home. Open the door into the wind Yanqingzhenglian, cross legged sitting on the carpet, next to a few empty bottles of beer, the home is full of rich flavor. Xin Xiaoluo s heart sank quickly, the rumor again in the alcohol. Xin Xia fell good shoes, standing on the carpet a little overwhelmed. Tell me, you tell me, you are not really hate me You are not even walk with me are not willing to Why do y.

Fidget Cube Best Buy ian. To you a dead Aberdeen, come back to take me to indiscriminately joke, tomorrow to meet me to Shuqian good pipe you Wu Xiaoming spit me, said his family s address in detail. We meet tomorrow to meet again, they hung up the phone. Do not know he was released from prison, if not out, I would like to see him, whatever the outcome is a classmate, so long to see him a little can not be justified I do not know, Thoughtfully asked. Should also serve it, you find a black cat to ask, only fidget cube best buy he knows the situation of the Bear, I am afraid that other fidget cube best buy people do not fidget cube for adults know. Qian girl back Road. Graduation for so long, I have not contacted the black cat, do not know he changed the phone number did not, thought about trying to dial his phone number before, did not expect a wave on the pass. I do not know the black cat is not still angry with me, it is simply said a word. Black, the tone of the cat and the school is not much difference, you can hear him no longer seem to be no longer a sense of obligation, Complaining me. Oh, what money ah, almost starved to death in the streets of Beijing, stay no meaning, simply resign back, you You should mix well I smiled back, all the unpleasant and all the previous grudges are A few words to eliminate, my heart suddenly become very easy. I m fine, every day to work to get off fidget cube best buy work, have been grinding like the old man, an.Shuqian To you Out of a small nurse in the operating room, holding a list. I stood up, forced to hold the Qianqian Yaotou waist, leaning on her to the door and walked around. I do not know, Qian girl slowly into the operating room, but also looked back at me, that look sad, there are worried, there are frightened, complex heartbreaking I adjusted the facial muscles, trying to squeeze out a trace of a smile, but unfortunately failed to do so, the glass door reflects my face even more ugly than crying. At this point, the door Boom off, and I separated in the two world Qianqian Tau. I wandered back and forth outside the operating room, like a trapped in the cage of the beast, from time to time look at the closed door, and my heart is very uneasy, for fear of what the girl accident, the amount of tension on the thin sweat infiltration out. As if waiting for a long century, my heart is about to ferret the bleeding time, only to see the operating room door was opened, the nurse helped Qianqiaotou came out. Qian Qian s face pale like a piece of white paper, and even the lips are white, two hands trembling slightly, the waist is bent, eyes dull, look out of her severe pain, it seems that every step seems to step In the tip of the same difficult My heart Meng burst of pumping fidget cube groupon storage, I think I will never forget this scene, at this moment, I secretly s.



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