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Fidget Cube official fidget cube online store 9gag cup, really sorry, do not get drunk tonight, ha ha, two drunk fidget cube 9gag haunt the Temple, do not know what it is like. A glass of a glass, a bottle of red wine quickly finished by them, and took out a bottle from the refrigerator. Under the urging of alcohol, Xin Xiaolia look of anger to the wind to tell her love, tell her and Hao between all fidget cube in amazon the love and hate, will be buried in her heart for four fidget cube 9gag years, the damage and set out. Xin Xiaoya sad sad, Xin Xiaoli face pain expression also clenched the rumor of the heart. Xiaolao, unhappy past let it past it, four years, and you do not need to trapped inside chewing pain, it will only make you more and more pain. Forget him, learn to let themselves Happy, okay Feng Yan came to sit down beside Xin, gently embrace her arms, the eyes have a tremendous affection. Wind, you will not understand, fidget cube 9gag he is my first love, I have been attracted to pay the man, then in school, we love is very pure, all friends said he could not give me happiness, advised me to leave He, but I never mind, I only know that I love him, without him, my life will become meaningless.His family is poor, I live frugally for his share of living expenses, then we After graduation, I gave up a good job at home, with him to work in the neighborhood, two people to rent a narrow house, I do not care.And later, he was relying on their own The ability to Xiaowu to take care of themselves, if too bad to go home. Xiaoluo nose is very sour, once again full of tears gills. I m sorry, Mom With her mother to teach the soil method, to tinker with a few, actually really miraculous, Xin Xiaoluo sick two days just fine. Feng Yan s mother does not trust the fetus, accompanied by Xiaoliao Obstetrics and Gynecology check a lot, until the doctor said that everything is normal, only relieved. Xin Xiaoluo still keep in the wind of the ward, patiently in his ear to speak, saying between them bit by bit. All hidden in the hearts of the future and say the mind, Xin Xiaolu are verbose to tell him. Xiaoru believe that the rumor will be heard, there will be feeling Fengyan parents because of working fidget cube 9gag relationships, can not stay in the hospital all day, a lot of time only Xin Xiaoluo a guarding the wind. Xiaoluo like a man guarding him, you can talk freely, you can hearty and tears and smile, this feeling is really good This space is entirely Xin Xiaoluo and wind Nanny in two old orders, three meals a day to Xin Xia sent a lot of delicious food, more of some high nutrition soup porridge. Xiaoluo has been a reaction during pregnancy, no longer eat a vomit. Xiaoli try to force themselves to eat each meal, she wanted fidget cube creator to wake up to the wind can see a healthy baby and their own. Outside the window is a small tree called a name.

simply because their belly with their fidget cube 9gag descendants of the wind family. Xin Xia fell to the wind has not woken reason to refuse, and Xiaoluo said do not want to let the wind in the absence of awareness of the case, the ambiguous on the engagement, so the wind is very unfair Feng Yan s mother asked Xin Xiaola, is still not suspected of the rumors of her feelings, she said with tears One to save you, even life do not have a man, you suspect he does not want and you set Are you, anyway, what are you going to do Her implication Xin Xiaola understand, is afraid of the wind has been unable to wake up, or what a long and short, Xiaoluo will take the baby in the stomach to leave. This contradictory mother, Xiaoliao understand her idea Xin Xiaowei bitter bite biting lower lip, eyes turned to the bed of the wind, slowly said In this life, in addition to rumors and children, I will not do anything else. Has been silent silence of the father of the wind, looked at the Xin Xiaolao one, quite serious The case, this is so set, be a name for you and your child, you do not want the child was born was People say it is an illegitimate child Xin Xia fall off Yes, if it is so unclear to the child was born, it is difficult to get rid of illegitimate child suspected, which is willing to do their mother s child was said to be an illegitimate child Fengyan his father, then hit t.up a long time people got together, but still endured no questions. Uh, the day is not fidget cube 9gag good mixed ah, poor happy it Ouyang grams slightly embarrassed, you want to transfer topic. Black cat see Ouyang grams of embarrassment, pretended not to care about the two made a gesture into the box to sit it, they estimate that one will come Ouyang Kela niu from the hand, followed by the black cat on the second floor of the hotel box. Black cat, you about what classmates over Two years not seen, I really good excitement, do not know what they have become Ouyang grams face with excitement. There are sub ho, Bear, Abby, Xiao Ming, may be with their families, alas, unfortunately Xiaoyu did not come, He Dao Yuan and abroad, or we can come to a 605 reunion, the years in a hurry, ah, Black cat said with emotion. What Big Bear will come When he was released from prison Really ashamed, I did not even went to visit him, I hope the boss will not be angry with me Ouyang Ke was surprised. He Yeah, released from prison for a year, a few days to get married, right, since you come, you should have time to participate in the boss of the wedding bar, in addition, sub ho admitted to graduate students, have not invited our guests , Be sure to rub him to please, grandmother, but he is the only 605 graduate students, do not treat is not the Black cat suddenly remembered.not Shoudaoqinlai I went to the hospital on the night shift to go, and your own food to eat, bye Cousin not my answer, gone. Dinner is I cook to do, had Qianqiaotou to do, but she seems to be very powerful reaction during pregnancy, smell the oil smell, just put the fish thrown into the pot will spit a mess, uncomfortable tears, I had no choice but to Help her back to the room to rest, tied scarf yourself. The fourth chapter forty chapters heartbreak of lingering Boiled a bowl of bean curd soup, and then fried a green pepper meat, I have fried paste, and engage in rush to finally get a meal cooked, did not expect a smell Qianqian to the taste of fish soup is a big meal Spit special spit, tearful appearance of the delicate and charming, so I feel bad sad Later, she said to eat sauerkraut, I searched the cousin of the refrigerator is not sour things, had to go downstairs to the supermarket to buy a few bags of sour tooth pickles, the way to buy her some acid Yangmei small snacks. Think of a woman is really poor, light pregnancy is enough to fidget cube pictures torture people, and as Qianqian so pathetic, are I harm, I fucking really is not something After dinner, I clumsy to clean up the kitchen, sitting in the living room for a TV, Qianqiaotou do not fall on the sofa do not sleep, do not know if pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to drowsy, cousin before pregnancy.

Fidget Cube 9gag er lessons, I was really The need Qianqian Tou, I can not stand her cold, she is so ambiguous to me, than the school beauty of ridicule makes me uncomfortable The third chapter thirty fifth chapter by surprise Carefully calculated, I have not received five days Qianqian of SMS, which in the past has never been something, I made a few text messages also did not see her back, I want to find her and pull no less than the skin, Is my own too much wrong, what qualifications to ask her forgiveness One idle down, I will stare at the phone in a daze, over and over again silently read her text messages sent to me before, my heart a little warmth of fear, I really care Qian girl, do I really love the girl yet Why I can not determine fidget cube 9gag their own feelings Is I too stupid, or do I have the courage to face Do not know is not particularly good luck, go to the talent market will find a trip to a desirable work, to an advertising company drawing design. Companies from our school very close, but from the cousin fidget cube 9gag of the hospital there is a certain distance. I still decided to live in the cousin home, take the bus to work every day, busy work so that I temporarily forget Qianqian ignore my distress, I am glad that this wise choice, if not engage in their own Very busy, I must not stand the kind of suffering was left out, maybe really crazy. A full summer, Qian a phone call di.ough. Qian girl has to house a lot of decoration, dress is very beautiful. Sub ho, I saw in the classmates Wu Xiaoming fidget cube 9gag message, said June 1 married, you are not the best relationship Well, you should not go and see him Qian girl suddenly thought of the matter. He chose to get married in the Children s Day Oh, really served him, so be it, the weekend happens to be the weekend, we went looking for them, I want to see if he is not married in the child I joking laugh. You, do not always want to see the excitement of others, I saw Tian Li in the street last week, do not like a child, but it is more than in the school when the fullness, it looks like a small day off very moist , Have been Xiao Ming to raise fat Qianqian Tou can not change the chaotic pulling my nose bad habits. I took out a cell phone to Wu Xiaoming call. Tell you, I am going to get married next month, and hey, congratulate me, remember Oh, no matter how busy have to come back to participate in my wedding, or I told you that I do not know how to get married, I just Hey a cry, the phone will be heard the voice of Wu Xiaoming joy. Phone number, and you worry, I just quit work back, not to mention the wedding, that is, let me do the groom do not care, tomorrow and fidget cube 9gag Shu Qian I see you in the past, you tell me where to live I Casually jokingly, if not finished ear twist to be Qian Q.



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