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Fidget Cube $4.8 round, as stunned fidget cube $4.8 as the big bear stared at the face of the Bear said What do you say Bear out of hand to seize the shoulders of Jiang Juanjuan, voice dumb, said Juanjuan, I know you can not cruel to kill me, I know I was too much for you, do a lot of hurt you, you can give me In the prison of the past few years, I often think of you, in fact, I really love you, ah, but before too do not know how to cherish, what are the nature of chaos to, so do a lot of wrong Things, and finally paid a painful price, hundreds of miserable days and nights, I think a lot, but also see through a lot of things, Juanjuan, you do not torture yourself, and I understand that your heart must also Love me, or you will not waste so much energy to hate me, right Tears rolled out of the bear s eyes. Jiang Juanjuan never seen a big bear shed tears, this moment, her heart recovery, and sprout it I m sorry, Juanjuan, we start again, I will make you happy, I guarantee Bear choked with sobs. Jiang Juanjuan flutter in Bear s arms crying earth shake, hate for a few years, in the end but still can not jump the shackles of love, in vain tortured himself Bear with Jiang Juanjuan go home, his parents anxious he had a girlfriend tube, so Juan Juan is very enthusiastic, and to help her from the rental house to move to forest house to live, Bear s mother is anxious to Zhang Luo think Let them g.stable, should not become a graduation division family Small grams, why Stimulated by friends I took a look Ouyang grams of the shoulder. He ah, lovelorn friends, niu with a third party to fly, he did not drink strange, when I said woman unreliable, he s not the side of the letter, this regret it He said the original Jijiwaiwai said. You fucking dare gloat, I killed a bottle of wine you, by his mother s stinky woman, I do not care for her, is tired of playing it, anxious she quickly rolled Ouyang grams of red as a pair of eat People s eyes hard look at what the original road. Do not say do not say, what a great He Daoxing muttering a sentence, turned over fidget cube $4.8 to see his book. Small grams, do not drink, drink wine worry worry more worry, useless I took Ouyang grams of wine. Sub ho, or your kid blessed, looking for Shuqian so good girl, which like niu that cheap woman, his mother saw graduation soon, I abandoned the advertising company to find a manager, said the other side can pull her Into the company to go to work, by, I as a person Ouyang grams more and more sad, lying on the table and began to cry. Do not cry, the feelings of things forced not to come, you will encounter more worthy of your love girl. I gently comfort small grams. Ouyang grams only cry, there is no Dali I. The fifth chapter fifty first chapter Who s who s playing My mind suddenly.

onger period of time can be discharged The doctor checked, smiled and said the world s most beautiful words. Thank you Xin Xiaoliao excitement voice choked, bowed pregnant doctor toward the bow. Oh, you first talk about it, but the patient just wake up, do not let him too excited and tired The doctor reached out to help Xin Xiaoluo, and turned around the bed of the rumor smiles You can really met A fidget cube $4.8 good wife, she is in the hospital to take care of you for six months Doctors and nurses are gone, the whole ward only Xin Xiaola and Feng Yan two. Down, the doctor said you take care of me for six months, is it really I really lying in the hospital for half a year The wind may recall the matter before sleep, a little timid look Xin Xiaola. Yes, you big bad guy, lying in bed sit back and relax, causing me to worry for so long, you see, the baby is so big, you do not wake up, he must call you. Fengyan the forehead, and tears laughed, eyes moved to his stomach. Ah, are so big, is not to be born Feng Yan s eyes also moved to the Xin Xiaolu s belly, stretched out the trembling hand touch the past. Oh, we are really a child Ah, the expected date of delivery in this month, not long after you can see the baby, but also the twins Oh, I really worried that you can not wake up before the birth of the child, which is just great, thank God Tears of the. Really.I want to pick her up on fidget cube $4.8 Beijing s dream. Qianqian is responsible for the three classes of color classes, and did not receive formal training she was quite difficult, especially for the first time on the podium, looking at the audience dozens of pairs of eyes, nervous palms are full of sweat infiltration, almost did not The law insists on a lesson. Sub Hao Hao Zi, you know This lesson I was exhausted, Oh, can not think of teachers so hard, my clothes are wet behind, but fortunately the students are very obedient, no one makes fun of me Finally coming to get out of class, Qian girl went to the classroom outside the phone to call me, the voice was still trembling, showing her tension. Oh, there are so beautiful female teacher to my class, I will not make trouble, girl, relax, nothing to fear, if you really do not want to stand under the stands, put them all as air, you talk about you On the line I smile to comfort Qian girl. I do not know what to say, whirring, really tired ah, I hope I can quickly adapt, or sooner or later will be out of embarrassment, hey, and you do not Said, the school bell fidget cube $4.8 rang, and bye, I love fidget cube 9gag you, sub ho Qian girl in front of the phone, bo a cry, Fengfenghuohuo hung up the phone. I grabbed the phone, imagine Qiang girl in the podium for a calm look, could not help laughing out loud. Moreover, our dormitory He Daoyuan the o.own the stairs, ride straight to the urban detention center. Fengyan bow sitting in the detention center, thoughtfully, do not know what to think. Hair disheveled, wrinkled clothes, trouser legs, there is a large stain, look very embarrassed. See Xin Xiaola, but fidget cube vinyl desk turned a bit supercilious, fidget cube $4.8 and lowered his head. You do not hate me Not want to ignore me Then you have to fidget cube in amazon redeem me to do My life and death and what you do Wind pique thought. Deserved, so much a man also drink trouble, causing me to run so far ransom Xin Xiaolu softly fidget cube $4.8 snorted, very angry staring a rumor, then went to the fidget cube thingiverse office that office procedures, obediently took out his purse money to help him pay a fine. Fortunately, people who beat him just smashed the bottle smashed the point skin, or I m afraid also come to a medical expenses. A forty year old male police officer, Xie Xi Xin Xiaoyao one, pointing to the side of the wind, said What are you people Xin Xia looted swept ride to the chest long hair, faint smile, tone a bit helpless He said I was his wife, it would be his wife Even the wife You, you male police officer inexplicable, Zhang mouth, to be asked, and stopped, and handed a form to her hand. After finishing the formalities, a staff of the work of the rumors of work handed Xin Xiaolu, jingle wind, senior designer, but also make trouble His face has a strange expression. Xin.

Fidget Cube $4.8 }iliar, almost every night will meet in online chat, this is the first time See he does not come, niu heart is very lost. No leisure heart and then talk to others, niu turn off the computer back to the bedroom ready to sleep, when the phone suddenly rang, is a strange phone number. Long night, it is difficult to sleep, it was a good thing to fidget cube $4.8 call to chat, niu connected to the phone, is a man, the sound is also very strange, low and magnetic, sounds very comfortable, niu do not ask the other who is very casual Chat opened, a far cry from day to day meal, when it comes to pleasure will laugh more fidget cube $4.8 than. Chatted for nearly half an hour, the two exchanged a good night, the other could not help but ask a little curious fidget cube $4.8 Niu how do you know that I received a phone call Niuniu replied with a smile I do not know who you are, who are you buddies What You do not know who I am How do you like to treat old friends and chat with me The other side was surprised, Bacheng mouth into a big big watermelon. Haha, anyway, I could not sleep, since someone calls, then I chant chant, control him. Yes, which comrades in the end you Hurry up on the name Niu laugh, a little schadenfreude taste. I am Xiao Qiushui ah, my God, niu you ruthless, actually so for me The other screams soon hung up the phone. Niuniu one, stunned for a moment, a fidget cube materials bit embarrassed to spit tongue. I thought us.



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